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There is no better happy to spread or love to share than THE GOSPEL!! My husband has literally prayed the prayer of salvation with more than 100,000 people and his goal is to win a billion and train a million in his lifetime. He is well on his way to meeting this goal. And I want to help’s sort what I’m called to do :) Here’s how you can help me help him if you feel led to...Our Goal is

200 partners who give $20/month
20 partners who give $200/month

by the end of 2020. This is going to help us go further faster in what God has called us to do through EOH!


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Embassy of Hope, Inc. is a 501c3 Non profit Organization that started in 1997 and has
•trained over 1000 Bible School graduates
• rebuilt an entire village in India after the Tsunami that hit in January 2001
• Launched over 300 churches
• Fed thousands of meals
• Helped start 5 Bible Schools
• Helped start 3 orphanages
• And has been part of many other projects, Bible Schools, and Outreach related ministries in 10 countries around the world

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Our family has had the privilege of meeting some of the most influential ministry leaders in America and even get to know some pretty amazing world changers personally. But I’ll tell you, there is no one’s walk with God I respect more than my own husband’s! I know it has become cliché to say that we want to know God and make Him known. But I am so thankful that I get a front row seat to experience someone every day who actually knows God as intimately as Kevin Cooley does and is so passionate about making Him known.

When you partner with Embassy of Hope, you are partnering with a ministry that is far reaching and a ministry that is serious about making every dollar stretch to be as affective as possible in



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AND CURRENTLY THANKS BE TO GOD and OUR AMAZING PARTNERS, We have just purchased land and are building our very first building in Asia to be able to reach more with the gospel. There will be a church, school, and orphanage on this property and the vision is to have seven of these bases all over India. We’ve prayed for twenty years for this and if you want to give specifically toward this project above and beyond monthly support, we would be glad to steward your giving well and get this building built. It’s a dream in the making!!!

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