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May 5, 2020


Hi Girlfriend!

Praying for you this morning!!! Praying that the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened that you will know the hope to which you are called to and that you will know the depth, length, and heights of God’s love, that you would put on love which is the bond that holds any relationship together and that you will let the peace of God rule in your heart or in other words guide you into exactly the life God has planned for you.

Speaking of the life He has planned for us. Part of the life He has planned for me includes YOU! I believe when God calls you to do something, He calls people to join in that cause and those who will benefit from the cause. And I believe He has connected us for a divine purpose. He knew I would write this book, Love ANYWAY, and it would be released in the middle of a pandemic. He knew you would be reading this right now. And I truly believe the message on the pages of this book will revolutionize your life like it has mine…..if you read it.

The book is FINALLY HERE! Have you gotten yours yet? It’s available on AmazonAmazon and at 🙌 The great thing is it isn’t a book to just read but really it is a book to experience. So interactive filled with space for you to fill in. I like to say you will get as much out of what YOU write in this book as what you get out of what I wrote in it. How can that be? It’s sort of like going to therapy. The best therapists are ones who guide you to see what you need to see, to tweak your mindset on things, and then suggest a different perspective on the situation at hand. This is how this book is intended to help you learn to love ANYWAY in those relationships that mean the most to you. It’s literally a tool for you to use to do as scripture says and work out your own salvation!

Have you ever noticed we are only generally as happy as our least happy relationships? Well, this book is going to help you learn the secrets to a happy and fulfilled life because it is going to help you navigate the relationships that mean the most to you in healthier ways.

I would also like to pray with you regarding your relationships! If you have a prayer request, please send it to me here and so I can pray with you and speak life into your relationship. The Bible tells us that where two or more agree on anything that it will be done for us, of course as long as we are agreeing on something that lines up with the Word of God! And He wants to heal your marriage, your friendships, your family situation, your work relationships. Let’s believe together and I encourage you to get this book to help you do your part in the relationship!

May I ask if you will please go on Amazon and give me an honest review of the book? This will help so so much. And also he’ll let spread the happy and share the love on social media as you read the book and please tag me! Thank you tons!


PS Hope to see you on this week’s #Adriennes9Lives on Instagram and Facebook! This Wednesday my #WomanCrushWednesday is Pastor Sāra Conner and you are gong to go nuts over her!!!! Pls join us on Instagram on Wed at 9am CST and then on Facebook at 9:30am CST

PSS Don’t forget to get something sweet for the Moms in your life this week! Sunday is Mother’s Day and if you are like me and missing your Mom, extra prayers for you! Xo

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