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Are you curious, 10 minutes of what? Which 10 minutes? Is this a “too good to be true” scam?Seriously! It’s straight FACTS !!!!I know because I did it.You know how Drs and fitness experts will tell you 20 minutes a day of exercise could change you from unfit to fit. Now, true, there are levels […]

Goals, Happiness

November 19, 2023

10 minutes can change everything!

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We were with friends a while back who were doing way better than they realized they were doing. We could see all the good in their lives from the outside looking in. They felt so defeated that they have since quit the ministry. In all actuality, they had such a great thing going. Then we came […]

Goals, Happiness, Peace

November 5, 2023

What if you’re winning and don’t even know it?

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Can you believe it? We are in the Fourth Quarter and The Holidays are just around the corner! Time is absolutely flying. Before another day goes by, I wanted to take a minute to talk about one of the most important Happy Habits from my book Happy ANYWAY and it’s all about owning your happiness! […]

Depression, Happiness

October 29, 2023

Own your happy!

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We’ve all said it, “I just couldn’t help myself!” Come on now, yea, we both could’ve, ummmmm, but we didn’t because of one lame excuse or the other. Am I right or am I right? It’s easier to blame or ignore or slough it off as not a big deal or bottom line: simply not […]


October 9, 2023

Help yourself

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Hi friend, Time to pick your goals back up that you started the year off with strong and steady! We are almost to the half way mark of 2023. How’s it going? Remember, this is our Michael Jordan year! And I have a challenge for you that a friend of mine is doing and I just […]

Goals, Happiness, Mornings

June 5, 2023

How to start your day well

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First of all this morning, I think of all who are reading this before going to work today on this holiday while so many are with family and friends resting. My mind then goes to what this holiday actually is about and my heart goes to families who understand the meaning of today on a […]

Happiness, Relationships

May 29, 2023

Happy Memorial Day!

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Please rejoice with me! I feel like how an addict must feel when they look back over the last several months and realize after so many years of using, they’ve been clean now for a while!  My drug of choice has been church / ministry / work – call it what you want…. honestly, I’ve […]

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May 22, 2023

Happy Monday

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My husband had a word from God for a friend who was trying to conceive a child with difficulty and couldn’t that by this time next year, she would be pregnant and sure enough the following year, God made good on His Word He had for that couple and they had a sweet baby!  In […]

Happiness, Stress/Anxiety

May 15, 2023

By this time next year…

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I’ll never forget being a Freshman in High School taking Geometry in a class with mostly all seniors  from Mr. Stiff. I had so many questions and just wasn’t understanding whatever concept he was teaching us. Second row from the windows and about 3 seats back from the front. It was 1986. I kept raising […]

Happiness, Relationships

May 8, 2023


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Life can throw us for a loop! Can I get an, “Amen to the men” ? I asked my husband once, “If you could only say a few sentences to someone who has lost all hope, what would you say?”   “EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY. COOPERATE WITH GOD AND HIS PRINCIPLES. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. AND YOU WILL […]

Faith & Hope, Happiness, Stress/Anxiety

May 2, 2023

Everything’s temporary!