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Ask my boys who are now young men and they will both tell you I said this to them constantly…”Do hard things!” Tonight I watched the best movie with Gavin, my oldest and my daughter-in-love, Mckenzie. The main character of the movie, Brooke Shields, made me laugh so hard and inspired this blog. Tonight, I […]


June 24, 2024

Do hard things and Do things hard

Garrison doing hard things
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Ever tried to accomplish something you know you’re good at for a long time and it still isn’t working? Ever wondered why something you know oughta be working isn’t? Ever tried to stop doing something you want to stop doing but can’t seem to? Paul said in scripture the thing I do I don’t want […]

Faith & Hope, Goals

February 19, 2024

Why is it not working?

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Are you curious, 10 minutes of what? Which 10 minutes? Is this a “too good to be true” scam?Seriously! It’s straight FACTS !!!!I know because I did it.You know how Drs and fitness experts will tell you 20 minutes a day of exercise could change you from unfit to fit. Now, true, there are levels […]

Goals, Happiness

November 19, 2023

10 minutes can change everything!

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In a world of more, more, more, what if less really is more? If you know me, you’ve heard me say more is more! LOL Maybe that’s why my kids say I’m extra! But let’s talk about when less is more. When it comes to confetti, more is more! And you can never have too […]

Faith & Hope, Goals

November 12, 2023

Less for more

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We were with friends a while back who were doing way better than they realized they were doing. We could see all the good in their lives from the outside looking in. They felt so defeated that they have since quit the ministry. In all actuality, they had such a great thing going. Then we came […]

Goals, Happiness, Peace

November 5, 2023

What if you’re winning and don’t even know it?

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Hi friend, Time to pick your goals back up that you started the year off with strong and steady! We are almost to the half way mark of 2023. How’s it going? Remember, this is our Michael Jordan year! And I have a challenge for you that a friend of mine is doing and I just […]

Goals, Happiness, Mornings

June 5, 2023

How to start your day well