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November 5, 2023

What if you’re winning and don’t even know it?

We were with friends a while back who were doing way better than they realized they were doing. We could see all the good in their lives from the outside looking in. They felt so defeated that they have since quit the ministry. In all actuality, they had such a great thing going.

Then we came home and started feeling defeated because this isn’t enough and that is happening like we think it should. I was like – Woa! We are doing the same thing we all do right?! It’s so much easier to see all that’s wrong in our own lives and all that’s right in someone else’s.

What are you focusing on in your life that’s making you feel like a loser? What are you not focusing on that would actually encourage you to focus more on?

You’re probably winning a lot more than you are giving yourself credit for. So go ahead and see yourself winning. Enjoy all the good and there’s probably a lot more good than you realize all around you. See it and Be it is the first chapter of Believe ANYWAY. Let’s go back and read that chapter together. It could help you set your sights on the prize of the high calling of Christ as you begin to look to 2024 and ending up this year as the winner that you are.

It would be so sad to win, not even know it, and miss out on all you could be celebrating. What can you celebrate today?

I challenge you to join me in writing down all the things you are getting right in your life right now. Let’s tip the scale today over to the happy side of this Monday with this thought…What if you’re winning and you don’t even know it? Knowing you, I bet you are!!!

Happy Monday!



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