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November 19, 2023

10 minutes can change everything!

Are you curious, 10 minutes of what? Which 10 minutes? Is this a “too good to be true” scam?
Seriously! It’s straight FACTS !!!!
I know because I did it.
You know how Drs and fitness experts will tell you 20 minutes a day of exercise could change you from unfit to fit. Now, true, there are levels of fitness, just like with anything. But here’s what “they” know….most people who develop the habit and discipline of 20 minutes of exercise will not stop there. Your body craves more. Or there are those who do stop there and it’s enough to keep them at their fitness and health goals. It’s all about consistency.
Ok! Ok! So ready to know what 10 minutes I’m talking about?

10 minutes of reading His Word in the morning over coffee!
10 minutes of prayer in the car on your way to work!
10 minutes of journaling when you are down or anxious!
10 minutes of reviewing your annual goals on Saturday mornings!
10 minutes of reading a leadership book or listening to a book on audible that will make you better at what you
10 minutes of walking around the block or dropping for some push-ups and sit ups, squats, lunges, and stretches.
Here’s the thing! 20 minutes of each may be more productive than 10. I mean, for goodness sake, 30 minutes of each of the above is better than 20.

But what happens is we look at all of this and don’t do any of it and stay right where we are living the lives we wish we weren’t living because we throw our hands up in the air overwhelmed and just settle. But I double dog dare you to pick any one of these 10 minutes and do it! The way you do anything is the way you start to do other things and so that 10 minutes will spill over to another 10 minutes and before you know it, you will have several 10 minute habits that equal hours of different investments into yourself. That’s when you will look up one day and realize this simple 10 minutes and that simple 10 minutes paved the way to a life you love!

Which 10 minutes is God speaking to you about that’s your biggest priority?
Which 10 minutes will you commit to first?
Which 10 minutes do you already do?

Start writing…

Remember, 10 minutes can change everything!
Happy Monday!


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