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January 4, 2022

Happy New Year from California!

***We thought this posted first thing this morning and got back from a super full day of snow-skiing and snow-boarding all day, then walked through the dreamiest winter wonderland and had the yummiest dinner……only to get back to our precious cabin. My new year is off to such a great start to be my best year yet and I want this to be your best year yet, too, right from the beginning!

Sitting by the fire tonight, I opened my email and noticed the Happy Monday Blog I wrote and “posted” before hitting the slopes this morning didn’t post this morning for some reason. What?!?! But I prepared such a great first blog of the year. Lucky for us, we are on Pacific Standard Time so it’s still getting out on Monday.

Want some “Real & Raw”?

I felt like such a Loser with a big, fat L on my forehead for this happening. After all, this blog is all about being prepared and here, my first Happy Monday Blog of the year is going out barely on Monday PST by the skin of my teeth. I told McKenzie, my assistant, I’d have to write a different blog but then, I thought ~ Wait a minute?! Who am I trying to fool? Nope! Not gonna do it. Not gonna be fake. Just not gonna. So here’s a blog all about being prepared for the best year ever but guess what?! If you aren’t perfectly prepared or if in all your preparations, something goes wrong…. Remember this blog and be encouraged. Stuff happens. Our lives done loom like our Instagram walls. So, with this in mind, I pray this blog below inspires you to believe God ANYWAY for your best year yet!


Yea! Yea! Yea! You may have heard this before ~ It’s going to be the best year yet! But actually, that’s up to you….here’s what I mean…

Are you ready for the best year yet? Our success in anything we do is all about being ready for the game, for the performance, for the test, for THIS YEAR!

So before you say, “Oh noooo! What if I’m not ready?!” Hopefully you are! And if you read Believe ANYWAY & WROTE YOUR GOALS OUT at the end of each chapter in each of the baskets of life, YOU ARE SOOOO READY!!!!

If not, it’s super simple, get your copy and if you already have it, I double dog dare you to write close to as much in it as I did!! It’s ok, I did the heavy lifting and what I wrote is a guide for you to get what you want out of life! What I wrote will inspire you to Believe ANYWAY, when doubts try to flood your mind. What you write will be your declaration and your road map for the best year yet! FOR REAL!

If you’re not ready, get ready! Get Believe ANYWAY & use it as a go-to all year. Keep it close so you can refer back to it with all of your goals in it!

You got this! Praying for you to be ready for the best year yet!



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