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September 19, 2022

Your Past May Be Dictating Your Future From The Subconscious.

So much that we do is from our subconscious! 

So everyone says CHOOSE HAPPY! 

I’ve even said it but guess what I’ve learned. That little word “choose” and “choice” is tricky. 

Think about it! Have you ever had something about yourself you have really wanted to change and you’ve studied the Word on that subject maybe even for years. You’ve taken a course or gone to a webinar or counselor trying to change a simple behavior like being late or freaking out too easily or whatever your least favorite ISSUE is. Yet, still the very next super important event that comes up on the calendar, you guessed it, you’re late. Or the next time someone ticked you off, you freaked with your positively for sure “Big Fat Greek Wedding” Greek DNA that your husband is sure down in there somewhere. Yeppers…. I’m a freak-er and my husband almost just can’t be on time. It’s weird. We both have tried and tried and prayed and prayed and his lateness prompts my freak out ish ness and the brutal cycle has continued – for decades now. AS. MUCH. AS. WE. BOTH. SAY. WE. WANT. TO. CHANGE.

Ok before you go judging us hard, what it is for you? 

Somewhere deep in our psyche, we have all believed a lie that we now have to uncover or we have grabbed hold of a limiting belief that is keeping us from reaching our maximum potential. All of us have these. The question is what is it for you. 

I’ld love to pretend as many do to be THE EXPERT who can help you solve all your problems but rather I’m a girl just like you who has figured out a few things by the grace of God and some really awesome people.

If you are interested in learning how to remove some of your subconscious limiting beliefs that will take the lid off of your life, I’m going to be starting to offer HAPPY COACHING & would love to journey with you toward the life you’re picturing is possible! A life where you can truly be happy ANYWAY, love ANYWAY, and believe ANYWAY no matter what life throws at you! 

Happy Monday, y’all! 

XO, Adrienne 

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