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October 31, 2022

Search My Heart, God!

The most dangerous prayer you can pray is:

Search my heart, God.

Reveal my anxious thoughts. 

See if there is any offensive way in me. 

And lead me in the way everlasting.

This morning in my own devotion time, the Lord led me to this and it’s so amazing how hand in glove it fits with last week’s messages at church.

Last weekend, one of our dearest friends and truly one of the most legendary ministers we know, preached a message this weekend at our church that I believe changed us individually and as a church forever. I’d like to recap in just a few minutes the highlights and double dog dare you to go to or find it on YouTube to hear it all.

Pastor Joel Sims talked about how God’s instructions to us when we ask Him are not just instructions. It’s guidance because He is trying to take us to a place in our lives that will be the answer to someone’s prayers and fill our hearts with purpose and contentment knowing we are in His will. 

We pray for God to fill us with His blessings and yet we have no room for Him to fill us because we haven’t emptied ourselves of things that are stopping up His blessings. 

So join me this morning in asking God to search our hearts and let’s empty ourselves of anything not pleasing to Him. This isn’t a “make me feel better prayer”. It’s a prayer that says, God, I refuse to stop obsessing over what others think of me and instead I empty myself of that and choose to refocus my gaze on You. I lay down my life and my desires and pick up your ways! They are higher. Take me higher, Jesus. 

Ya wanta know why people use drugs and need alcohol to find their peace? It’s because it’s a cheap counterfeit that the enemy has fabricated to empower people to live fake, anxiety ridden lives that can only be survived by numbing agents that keep getting you further and further off course until finally you’re so lost and in the dark, you can’t find your way to His ways everlasting. 

This dangerous prayer is your way home. It’s your way out of the dark and into the light of the love that never fails. 

People have failed you. Institutions have failed you. The church had failed you. And me, too. It’s heartbreaking what we all have lived through if you’ve been alive for a couple decades or more and for many unfortunately even in your first decade of life, you were failed by people you trusted. 

But the good news is we lived through it. 

Pray this with me and watch God fill every crevice of your heart with his healing love. 

Search my heart, God. Reveal my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me. And lead me in the way everlasting. 

I pray that you decrease and He increases in your life and please pray the same for me. That is my number one prayer right now. 

I love you and that’s why I do this. I pray it helps and if it does, please share the blogs. Share social media posts. Share the links to my new ebook – Happy ANYWAY in letting go. It’s at and click on Shop and it should be a featured product in the store. I pray it’s a blessing! I paid thousands of dollars to gain the insight I share in that short, ebook. Print it out, mark it up, highlight it. Take it to prayer and let God search you, heal you, and lead you into all He has for you! 


Adrienne Cooley 

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