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December 20, 2022

What’s on Your Mind This Christmas?

For some, it’s candy canes and gingerbread houses. 

…Others it’s the loss of a loved one.

…Some it’s that new car they hope they are getting. 

My mom always wished she could do more for people.

My husband wants to get our boys the moon as always. I’m the budgeter in the family. He’s the spender. Well, when it comes to the boys, it’s both of us.

Here’s what’s on my mind:

I am looking ahead to 2023 and all God is gearing us up for while also looking back at His faithfulness with gratitude for all He has done in and through us. I’m also though trying to focus even more on today. This Christmas season is a first for me. A first to be away from our first born. A first with this keen awareness that I am a mom of true blue men who are their own people now. A first Christmas after my Maui Reset. A first with an artificial tree (probably due to my Maui reset) And I pray it’s a first of many with less stress than ever before. 

Wether it’s your first Christmas without someone or with someone, let it be a first Christmas without worry and anxiety trusting God with the big and the little. 

Let it be a Christmas season where you focus on today while glancing back at His faithfulness and gazing forward to His calling for you. Set some goals. Stay the course. Muster up courage from finding yourself in His Word gaining the strength to hit 23 head on! Determine, like we are, to make it our Michael Jordan year! A Psalm 23 year! A better me in 23 year! Let’s do this! But before we get too excited, take a deep breath, embrace a little calm and enjoy this special season with those you love. Take it all in with whoever is there and be thankful for who you do have instead of who you don’t. 

Happy Monday! 

Happy Christmas! 



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