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October 9, 2023

Help yourself

We’ve all said it, “I just couldn’t help myself!” Come on now, yea, we both could’ve, ummmmm, but we didn’t because of one lame excuse or the other. Am I right or am I right?

It’s easier to blame or ignore or slough it off as not a big deal or bottom line: simply not take responsibility for the way our lives are. I can hear the critics of that statement already feeling sorry for those who haven’t been given a choice and are growing up in horrific situations and yes, those are exceptions my heart goes out to and so does my wallet but don’t fool yourself. If you are reading this blog, it means you have a phone or a computer or an ipad which also means you have a ticket out of whatever you have come from.

My husband calls it response-ability. We didn’t get to choose where we grew up or how. We didn’t even get to choose our names by which we are called every day. But we can choose our response-ability. And we can choose it to the point of like me, God can change your name! When you go after God so much to help yourself instead of wollering in all the regret, shame, and defeat you may wake up and find yourself in, you can become known as the exact opposite of your current circumstances. For me, I went from depressed and feeling completely hopeless to being known in every room I walk into now as the Happy Girl or the Happy Lady! People send me happy faces of every kind you can imagine from all over the world and I love it. I get texts and DMs from everywhere when friends travel saying this made me think of you. Please, don’t ever stop sending me these friendly gestures. Each one means the world and are God-winks each time at the most God-ordained times. Who knows, maybe one day I can have a Happy Museum of all of this stuff! That could be amazing and talk about a RESPONSE.

How did this happen? Did those friends who broke my heart come back and apologize or accept my apology? Did my painful past get erased from when I was taken advantage of in college? Did my stupid mistakes I made that put me in those crazy places to then get in trouble go away? Did my personality become so perfect, no one has a problem with me about anything ever all of a sudden? Do I feel completely accepted by all whom I love dearly? No! No! No! to all that…BUT…also as my husband inappropriately says often, God’s gotta a big ole BUT…BUT GOD!!!!!

Here’s how my name got changed and how Paul’s name was no longer Saul and how your name can be changed. One obedient step at a time. One response at a time to God. When He knocks you off your donkey, listen. Look up to where your help comes from. When He has one of the top 10 leaders in the country literally called me on my cell phone and invited me on a trip, I could have said, “No thanks.” I could have responded in self defeating ways making excuses that I didn’t have the money for the trip or that I couldn’t because of a hundred reasons. I didn’t know that was what God was going to use to knock me off my donkey so to speak. But I chose to help myself and I haven’t stopped since.

The thought comes to stop helping myself often if I’m honest. It sounds like this, “Why bother? It’s too late! What’s the point? Why do you think lil ole you can actually make a difference?” and about another dozen self-defeating questions. Sound familiar? We work out our salvation day in and day out. When you stop helping yourself, you limit even God in what He can do for you. He gave us the most powerful thing possible… a will. There is a God-side and a man-side. WE are waiting on a move of God BUT God is waiting on a move of man, a move of YOU and ME, all too often.

I want to challenge you to get coaching or help in some way! Help yourself! And if you don’t know where to start, I’ve spent literally to date over $50,000 in coaching myself, maybe even more. That’s off the top of my head. As a result of that, I’ve created an online course, written 3 books, helped my husband get his latest amazing book out there that could be a very helpful resource and I offer Happy Coaching – 3 sessions at a time.

DM me on instagram @addiecooley for me details. Call me at 251-471-2914 for prayer or a free 20 min consult. Email me at to let me know if you are ready to HELP YOURSELF! At the absolute very least, grab my online course or one of my books at

In case you’re wondering, the proceeds of all that goes to our work in India so I don’t need or want your money. I genuinely am interested in helping you help yourself.

Happy Monday!



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