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July 19, 2021

Wow, God, really?!

We were on a trip with friends recently when Kevin must have said something I obviously did not approve of when I blurted out without thinking first, “Wow, Kevin, really?!” Everyone burst into laughter at my honest disgust with what was said. You know those words that just escape at a time when the filter seems to simply be nonexistent. Yea, it was like that. LOL So for the remainder of the trip, this became the running joke…..any time anyone did something that could even remotely be appropriate to repeat my uncalled for rebuke, over and over someone would recant,”Wow, Kevin, really?!”

Since that trip, there was a situation that came up and I thought, Wow, God, really?! Have I not endured enough already regarding this? What else do You want from me? Can I please get a break with this situation? It’s been long enough and I’m so over it.

Anyone feel me on this? Anyone thinking that right now about something? or maybe even several somethings…Wow, God, really?!

I literally said that to Him recently about something and it was as if I could tell He is calling me up higher and asking me to drop off those weights that easily beset me. I sensed in my heart this new-found strength to deal with it. I felt Him empower me to believe ANYWAY that He can fix it all and that the more I let go and let Him, the better things will get.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just think, God, you really think I can handle this? Because I think I’m about to break. I am maxed out.

If you work out and know how it feels when you push yourself beyond what you think you can do and every fiber in you is shaking to keep going, then you know what I mean. That’s how I feel sometimes with what God is asking me to do. It’s way bigger than me. It seems too hard. It hurts. It’s not fair. Anybody feel me on this?

Instead of that unfiltered “Wow, God, really?!” what would be a more helpful response to the hard stuff? Or to the big stuff? Maybe, “Wow, God, yes! I trust You. You’ve never let me down. In Your strength and with Your help, we will get through this together. You will cause me to triumph and be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. You have healing in your wings and I am trusting you to heal what’s broken in me and to make right things that are wrong. Sorrow may come in the night but joy comes in the morning! I will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. I will love the unlovely. I will be pray for those who persecute me. So Wow, God, Yes! I will bear up under this situation. Lord, count me faithful!”

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