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August 2, 2021

Join my FREE Book Launch Team!

Happy Monday, YOU!!

I can’t tell you what you mean to me!! More than you can imagine. I love you, pray for you, and am honored to get to journey with you! The fact that you invite me into your inbox each Monday means the world to me!!

This note from my heart is a chance for YOU to show up in my inbox by joining me in the BIGGEST RIDE OF MY LIFE in hopes of inspiring hope in the hearts of MANY to believe ANYWAY & THRIVE no matter what life throws at us!!!

I’m soooooo excited and more pumped up about my newest book, Believe ANYWAY than I have been about any of them. It’s the Grand Finale of the series and it is not going to disappoint!!!! You are going to want one for you and a few of your favorite people in your life! It’s full-color, fun, full of faith that moves mountains and the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for all the girls in your life.

Now it’s a REALITY! I just got the final copy of Believe ANYWAY! And it is up on Amazon for pre-sale! Please go and order one for you and if you want to make a difference in someone else’s life, get one for a friend or three!!!

Also, please check back over the next week or so for the paperback! It will be up soooon for pre-order on Amazon!

This below is something I’d be so honored and humbled if you would want to send out to a dozen friends, post on fb, send in messenger to your FB friends, etc….

I’m forever grateful to all of you who have already joined my Believe ANYWAY Launch Team! If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! I’d be so honored for you to join here!

If you who want to help me spread the happy, share the love, & now inspire hope in many hearts…..I’ve prayed about it and am opening the launch team to all who want to join for FREE because this message must get out and I need YOUR help!

When you join, you’ll get access to a private Facebook Group where we will go through the book together on Monday nights at 7pm LIVE starting Monday the 9th!

• You will get an advance digital copy of the new book

• You will have chances to win all kinds of prizes throughout the book launch.

• Plus you will be able to connect with other amazing girls who have some of the same goals as you in a real community.

• MOSTLY, you will get to join me in helping others THRIVE no matter what life throws their way!

Believe ANYWAY actually launches Sept 14th and we have massive goals of books to be sold BEFORE then during the pre-sale! With a strong, loving, and active Launch Team, WE CAN DO IT! I can’t do it without you though so join the launch team TODAY & let’s inspire HOPE in thousands to believe ANYWAY & THRIVE no matter what life throws our way!!!! I love each of you. Please copy and paste the link below to all of your family, coworkers, & friends. Post it on Facebook and share this link in messenger. Let’s do this TOGETHER! Thank you sooooo much!

I’ve given and given to you in this Happy Monday Blog for over five years now and pray it’s been a blessing. Now here’s your chance to join me in GIVING! Click that link and join my launch team and please go on Amazon and buy your book! Please be watching for the paper book coming soooooon on Amazon for pre-sale, tooooo!!!!

I love you!

God is Love is Happy!

Happy Monday!

Adrienne Cooley

PS…What can I be praying with you about so that YOU THRIVE like never before! Let’s lock arms. I need you. You need me. XO

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