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May 16, 2022

Don ‘t Turn Exclamation Marks Into Question Marks

When life gets tough, life has a way of turning exclamation marks into question marks. A question mark is just an exclamation mark that’s been punched in the gut and doubled over.

Don’t question In the dark what has been spoken in the light.

If you only live life on the basis of what God can do for you instead of who He is, you will run feverishly through life looking for the next big thing leaving you exhausted, disappointed, and missing the whole point. You may even find a lil or a lot of success in this area or that but the Bible says that God will make your way prosperous and add no sorrow to it. That’s the kind of success I want. The “no-sorrow added” kind.

Here’s the point….comparison kills. Don’t do it. Easier said than done. So often comparison is the thing that punches your exclamation mark in the gut turning it all into a question mark and causing you to double over, stop in your tracks and question God’s plan, feel the need to derail, go a whole different direction. Keep your eyes straight on the prize of His high calling for YOU! Remain faithful! That’s where true success lies. Consistent faithfulness.

Here’s the other point….when you thought it would be one way but it ends up a different way, understand that where we put a period, God puts a comma. It’s not over until God says it’s done.

If it’s not good, God is not finished writing your story.

Just know when times get tougher than you think you can handle, it’s not a period. It’s a comma.

If it’s not good, he’s not done.

Faith is the ability to see the glory on the other side.

Where have we put a period that God is saying, it’s okay, it’s just a comma? Where have we replaced what we once knew to be a ! with a ?

This blog was much inspired by Garrison’s FCOC graduation sermon by Pastor Cody Adams.

It was just all too good not to share! I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.

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