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July 4, 2022

Aloha From Maui!


Aloha from Maui! The mood was set from the time we landed in Hawaii. The vibe here is chiller than chill.

Our Uber driver radiated the most calm island feels, with his soft spoken way about him. His look was so Maui…long salt and pepper straight hair in a pony tail that put us right in the vacation spirit.

Actually, it started at the American Airlines counter in Pittsburgh. The girl who checked our bags volunteered that she and her mom go to Maui every year and I took a page or more of notes from her of all the things as she checked us in.

The Uber driver just picked right up where she left off giving us more of what we need to know for the best vacay ever in Maui.

If you have tips or “must do” ideas, I’m all ears! As much as there is to do, and I’m sure we will make our rounds around the island, I may be most excited about seeing how little I can do. I hope to read and hang out with our boys who will be joining us tomorrow and somehow become one with this super chill, hang loose vibe here.

We’ve been here a few times and so we are somewhat aquatinted. But we will let ya know on social media any new stuff we learn this trip!

Our friends whom’s home we are staying at left us instruction that their AC went out but they haven’t used it anyway for months….after all it’s Maui.
Then that was followed with, no need for a key, it’s Maui….we don’t lock our doors. I could go on and on and on. The house is precious and full of character and lots of Aloha.

We are honored beyond words our friends are so graciously allowing us to crash their sweet
pad as we used to say in High School. He’s a high school buddy of Kev’s.

One of my main goals while here is to see how curly I can get my hair to be like back in the 80s. Another is to see how dark I can get while wearing lots of sunscreen. And then, mostly to see if I can shake the anxiety that had begun to try and creep back into my life over the last crazy season we all just came through.

What do you do to rest? Where have you been that brings you the most peace ever? What plans for rest do you have in the making for this summer?

Pray you are either on vacay, just got back, or headed on one soon! Enjoy your summer and take some time for you and yours!



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