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March 7, 2023

Take Your MEDS!

Wanta know something I just learned this weekend?  It’s too good to not share…

So what if I told you I could write you a prescription for a wonder drug that has the potential of changing your life? And it won’t even cost you a dime. Not a doctor’s visit or even a telemedicine call. Just shows right up in your email automatically if you’re subscribed today. 

Here ya go:

Here’s your Rx:

Relationships :

Change your friends. Change your life.

We were made to connect. Begin to pray God will connect you to the right people and protect you from the wrong people. 

Begin to invest into friendships that will sharpen you and not pull you down. Don’t have a mentor you pursue and press into? Get one. Oh the change that could make for you. Get a life coach. Get some Happy Sessions at or

Go to therapy if needed. 

Join a small group or serve team and get super involved in the fabric of your church. You need people. You need relationships. Oh but my personality is ….. it doesn’t matter. Mine by nature is rude, controlling, and abrasive when I’m not healthy. Does that give me an excuse to be those things? No! It doesn’t…any more than you have the excuse to be a hermit and hide from people like me afraid someone may hurt you. What if I go ahead and just let you know I will let you down and so will everyone else. And you will let me down at some point if we get in close proximity. And guess what? It’s ok. It happens and to expect different is expecting perfection which is stupid. So one of the greatest things you can do for your relationships is to lower your expectations and start with yourself. Give yourself a break. Cut yourself and everyone around you a lil slack. Invest in books like mine and others that will improve your relationships because we are generally only as happy as our least happy relationship…not that it has to be that way and that’s another topic for another day.

X: The X-Factor 

Everybody has something that they need that not necessarily everyone else needs. I am vitamin D deficient so I need to supplement with vitamin D, but maybe you don’t need that. What is your X factor? Ask God and he will show you. I need to be in the sunshine on a paddleboard, but my husband needs to be in the gym and in the sauna. We could both live without it but we live better with it. What’s your something like that? 

Jesus came to give us abundant life… A life that works! (John 10:10)

Ok so here are your MEDS & we will talk more about each one next week on the Happy Monday blog:

Meditate on the Word!

Exercise – Get movin!

Diet – Eat clean!

Sleep – Even God rested!

We will dig into these next week! 

Happy Monday!



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