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February 26, 2023

Relationship Realities

Reality is, most of us work full time or if we don’t, we find ourselves busy with God only knows what for the majority of our time! Can I get a hardy Amen?! 

Where does this leave our relationships? 

Often, it means the ones we love the most get our left overs. But why? 

~ maybe we take it for granted that they will wait til we stop being so busy which is…never 

~ maybe we find ourselves on auto pilot sort of like when driving somewhere and your car automatically goes toward work or home…we just sort of look up and a year has passed by with lots of “Awe man, I sure meant to…”

~ maybe life hits and it hits hard and we find ourselves grasping for air barely bobbling above water fighting for a loved one’s life or marriage or sanity

You get the idea…the reality is all too often :

We don’t mean to but find ourselves in strained relationships and hardly even know how we got here. 

A kid who’s decided to wonder into a lifestyle that doesn’t uphold the family name…

A husband who decided to wander toward too much golf, hunting, or God-forbid, worse…

A you or me who decided to wander into the cookie jar a hundred times too many and bam! 30 pounds later, what the heck happened? Where did I go? I know I’m in there somewhere…

Our jobs, fantasies, obsessions, habits, focuses, and out-of-our-control situations all affect our relationships.

Here is an idea: 

**Inventory what has affected yours.

**See if you can journal a time line and see where you got off or they got off.

**Without blame or shame, map out a what now? A next step! Replace the Why, God? with Help, God! Ask Him and He will direct our steps right out of the messes we find ourselves in! 

Cut yourself and those around you some slack and just focus on grace, action plans, and hope for a bright future ANYWAY! 

The first step is facing your relationship REALITIES! Stop pretending and have the hard convos and face the stuff head on. 

Listen, I’ve done this and I can tell you, your realities can change and they must change to line up with how God said it would be for you and yours! 

I’m praying for you and if you need one on one prayer, feel free to DM me on Instagram. That’s where I look for prayer requests.

Happy Monday!


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