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February 20, 2023

They Said “I Do!”

The day was Voila! 

voi· là vwä-ˈlä nonstandard wä- variants or voila. used to call attention, to express satisfaction or approval, or to suggest an appearance as if by magic.

The flowers were simply elegant. Wouldn’t have done a thing differently. They were perfect. 

The ceremony was flawless, anointed, and forever etched in my mind’s eye. It was all I’ve ever dreamed of and more. 

The venue was gorgeous and comfortable and exactly the right place for the beginning of “The Cooleys”!

My son was strong and gracious, overwhelmed by love for his bride and for family and friends that mean so much to him. 

My daughter-in-love was absolutely stunning and the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen! She was kind and generous as always and she was the girl I first fell in love with before my son ever even knew her. I secretly wondered if this would happen and dreamed of it from the very beginning.

My Dad and brothers drove across the country and showed up in boots and “made” this black tie affair! Seeing Gavin feel so loved by this classic Massey effort filled my cup of gratitude to overflowing reminding me of the fortitude we come from.

My husband was regal in appearance and still the man of my dreams 30 years after we said “I do”. Gav and Mckenzie’s love and assurance of forever reminds me of ours. Very comforting. 

My youngest son, Garrison was the perfect Best Man and led the groomsmen with style and charm! His honor toward his brother was priceless and caused my heart to feel like it may explode with joy. 

My new daughter-in-love’s family was warm and loving, assuring me Gavin will be in good hands with arms wrapped around him being so far away from home. I love how important family is to all of them and it helps dull the ache of the many miles that will be between us. 

Our friends and family who booked expensive airfare and travelled across the country will never be able to comprehend what this meant to us. What dimension they gave the whole experience! 

The Rehearsal Dinner started off being dinner on a private yacht but the low temps even for California in February wouldn’t allow for that and so then it went to being a taco truck in the parking lot (funny story) but ended up being the yummiest Southern California Mexican Cuisine ever in the hotel connected to the venue complete with moonpie pudding for dessert. It was a perfect Night Before! 

The whole week leading into the wedding was picturesque. Kevin and I met in Carlsbad on Valentines Day and had a lovely evening celebrating our own marriage. Gavin drove down to Carlsbad from OC  on Wednesday to spend time together. What a beautiful span of days as we also prepared for the Rehearsal Dinner since I could only do so much from across the country. 

Then family and friends started trickling in and the party began! 

I must back up a little and mention that Jim Wideman, who led Kevin to the Lord in his first children’s ministry, and who Kevin lived with some growing up, who later married us and did our pre-marriage counseling, and hired him for his first job as a married couple, to this day coaches us and mentors us in ministry, did their pre-marriage counseling! And he let us know after the completion of it that they are going to do great and how hard they worked, doing all their homework! 

This told me they want what God wants for them. This told me they were determined to not only do all the pizzazz which there was plenty of that ~ it truly was a Dream Wedding in Carlsbad, California complete with a Vogue photographer and a honeymoon to Figi but what’s so cool to me is that even though God has plentifully provided for all their dreams to come true with this wedding, they also did the hard work, investing in their relationships with God and each other doing the most important part. 

After the Vogue photographer goes home, the venue books it’s next Fairy Tale wedding, the Figi dream destination is in their rear view mirror, the dress fit for a queen is hung up and preserved, the cake is eaten, the bouquet is tossed, the dances are experienced, and so much more…after all of this and they are back in their home going to work and learning each other, how to live together as one, I’m so glad they were so smart to invest multiple sessions into their spiritual lives, their sexual lives, their friendship, their financial lives, their future family, their relationship on every level! 

My son said “I do”


Kev and I have the great honor of taking them today to catch their flight to Figi squeezing every minute out of this day with them as husband and wife. When we wave Bye to them later today and stay in their townhome with their dogs for a few days, please join us in praying over them and over their marriage, their careers, callings, finances, dogs, future children, and all the fun they have ahead of them!!!!

Congrats to the Love Birds! 

I found her first and he gets the last say! And I’m happy about the whole ride! 

Feel free to show them some love on socials!!! And I apologize up front! It’s about to be a lot of celebrating on my socials! Follow along for the fun in Cali! And Figi and for the happily ever after! 

Love is still real! It’s still pure! It’s still beautiful! 

Happy Monday after “I do”! 



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