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October 23, 2023

Who not What!

Ask yourself who’s wrong, not what’s wrong. The right who could make the wrong what work and oh how glorious it can be when we have the right who and the right what. I heard Pastor Joel Sims say this last week at Ignite Life Conf. And then came home this weekend to live this out in the most beautiful way! God has connected to me to the most beautiful people who make me better and inspire life in me each time I’m with them.

Do you have the right who in your life? Do you have the right who as friends, boyfriend, boss, mentor, employees, coworkers? This applies to every relationship you have. I’ve said this a thousand times or more…We are typically only as happy as our least happy relationship. Of course, we can navigate in and out of work relationships and friendships but of course, family is where it can get tricky, so tricky that people get divorced or estranged and pain ensues, conflict creates anxiety, and loss eats at our hearts. What to do?

I’ve heard people say, “Don’t ask, “Why me?” but instead ask, “What now?” And that’s great but I’d like to propose a new question, “Who now?” You’ve also heard me say, I’m quite sure, that relationships are not disposable. In a world screaming to have boundaries and do a friendventory, and cut em out of your life if they look at ya the wrong way. Whoooooooa, Nelly! (Nelly was one of Dad’s mules. I grew up hearing that and so that just came to mind.) Hold up! Wait a minute! Put a lil love in it! (Yes, a cheer from the eighties inspired that one.) Seriously, what if could teach this next generation to maybe choose their Ride or Die’s a lil better than some of us did so they start out with the right Who’s in the first place?

Even so, I get it. People change and people leave. They get mad. They stay and create chaos. We keep thinking, “What am I doing wrong? Why isn’t this working?” I have come to realize more and more that the parts of my life that are not working as well as I’d like is because of a wrong who. With employees, passion over paycheck any day! Give me someone who has a passion and a hungry heart to learn and like Timothy says, choose people who are faithful and will become able. If you are faithful enough, you will become able.

Won’t you join me in searching out the right who and when you find them, nurture them, encourage them, thank God for them, and enjoy them!

Remember who, not what!



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