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May 6, 2024

A simple habit could be all ya need!

Moses and the Israelites wondered through the desert unnecessarily for way too many years. Do you deal with regret and feel like you are doing the same thing? What if I told you that one simple habit could have kept them from missing out on God’s promises for years and it’s the same simple habit that could get you out of going in circles in the wilderness, too?

The Israelites got snakes in their tents from complaining. You may have heard it said this way…the gripers get the vipers.

Oprah said it this way…she said her whole life changed when she stopped complaining.

I was challenged by a mentor and friend to do an exercise that seemed to seriously rewire my brain. It truly did help me create a habit that changed my go-to mindset day to day. The challenge was simple and I invite you to do it. I was asked to txt my friend 10 things that happened that day I was thankful for., for ten days. Not general things like – I’m thankful for food and shelter and all that. It was more things like – I am thankful Kevin made the coffee this morning. or I am thankful I got to go paddleboarding today or I am thankful a friend called with an encouraging word today. This created a habit for me that I had never had before.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

People who complain a lot seem to also be critical of others and have a habit of comparing their lives to the highlight reels of others.

People who are content seem to also complement others abundantly and are confident in who they are, looking only to God for their identity.

So do you compare, complain, and compare or do you complement, are content and confident?

The simple habit is this…Daily look for things you can be thankful for and things you can compliment others about instead of daily looking for the negative in others and focusing on the negative parts of your day. You will begin to notice your confidence rise and your faith and trust in God rise as you look for and expect things to work out. Your contentment level brings peace and anxiety lessens. Every time you start to complain, even if mid-sentence at first, replace the complaint with a complement. Even with something as simple as instead of stating the obvious that is not needed like, “It is cold” with “How fun is this?!” or “How cute is your sweater?!” Many times we complain right in the middle of us having a blast or being on vacation. And when we do, it dumps the wrong chemicals in our brains. Then we wonder why we aren’t even having fun or happy when we are doing all the self-care needed, on vacation, or out with friends.

The Bible says to seek and you will find. I think we don’t even realize it and sometimes we find ourselves literally in faith for negativity and that’s exactly what we get.

Retrain your brain to look for the good in life and you just might find it!

Happy Monday!


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