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May 21, 2024

Blessings and Hindrances 

When God wants to bless you, He puts a person  in your life. 

When the enemy wants to trip you up and get you off your course, he puts a person in your life. 

Your life matters and so choose your close circle wisely. 

Pray this right now over yourself and those you love:

Lord, connect me and those I love to the right people and protect me and them from the wrong people. 

Who do you talk to and they pull you down? 

Who do you talk to and they lift your spirits? 

Who are you pulling down or lifting their spirits? 

Are you the one God is sending to bless someone or who the enemy is using and you may not even realize it to stir the pot or create drama that isn’t needed in a situation? 

We laugh and tease about Sass and say things like, “I just love hard and so then I hurt hard, too.” And things like, “She’s just spicy!” Or “I know I’m a lot!” And yes, some of us are more demonstrative than others and we all have different personalities. Yes, if you’re too much, that’s not your tribe. I get it and I’ve said all that. But there is a point at which we are just seriously toooo much and toooo sassy and toooo spicy. Reality is those are fun and silly terms we use to avoid saying we are flesh ruled instead of spirit ruled. (Romans 8 / Galations 5 / 1 Corinthians 13 / John 15)

The truth of the matter is that all too often we choose a grudge over peace. We choose to control and if we aren’t allowed then we throw a fit until we get our way. We have gotten to the point of being more feelings-conscious than we are God-conscious all in the name of our enneagram number. It’s time we identify more with the numbers in verses of the Bible than we do the personality limitations and flaws associated with our enneagram numbers.

When God wants to bless you, He puts a spiritually mature person in your life who can sharpen you. When the enemy wants to trip you up, he puts a person in your life who is ruled by their flesh and not their spirit and what they are yielding to gets off on you. Bad company corrupts good morals. 

So two questions:

1- Who has God put in your life recently and who has the enemy put in your life lately? Give attention to who God has placed in your life and choose to let God protect you from the one the only has placed in your life by being led to limit and even eliminate time with them all together.

2- Are you a blessing from God in people’s lives or are you creating drama, division, and are encouraging those in your life or are you judgemental and critical of everything? If you are always finding problems instead of observing the beauty in the situation, let God work in your heart to be a blessing for the people in your life adding to them instead of taking away from their joy and peace and hope. 

Happy Monday!



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