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June 10, 2024

Start now

What do you wish was different in your life? Stop what you’re doing and write it down. Now ask yourself this question: What can I do now to change this? Nooooooo, WRONG ANSWER – whatever you do, do NOT do that! Do NOT ask yourself THAT question! A few weeks ago, that is EXACTLY what I would have said to do and most likely have said before. For that, I repent and ask you to forgive me. We are all growing and if I may, I’d love to share with you a much better question to ask and one I once upon a time, knew was the right question. Somewhere along the way, I let the culture of this modern age in and neglected the former things I knew to be true.

So here is the question to ask and NOT to yourself, but to God: Lord, (Is He Lord in every area for you?) what do you have to say about this situation in my life I wish were different? Simple, yet profound. Ever so profound. And then, be quiet. Listen to Him. And here’s the clincher: DO what you hear Him say.

He may show you a picture in your imagination. He may lead you by a still small voice. He may lead you to a scripture, remind you of a story or something He has previously spoken to you. He may give you a dream or a vision. He may send someone to prophesy to you and confirm the Word or something already in your heart. Whatever it is and however He leads you, follow immediately. Start NOW before you talk yourself out of it. What is that thing you think is “just you”? What is it that everyone sees in you except you? What makes you tick? What ticks you off?

What did God say? Stop what you’re doing and write THAT down. Keep it before your eyes. Stop leaning to your own understanding and start now leaning to His udnerstanding. His ways are sooooo much higher!

Happy Monday!



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