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December 16, 2019

God’s got you!

“I got you!” When a friend says that to me, it gives me this feeling of security. I feel loved, safe, and a contentment washes over me with the thought that someone is there for me.

Guess what, that is not just a feeling but actually a for real fact that we can take to the bank when God says, “I got you!” 

God is love. And love never fails!
We have a No Fail Assurance and honestly that is what we all want. When we put our trust in Him, there is no need for anxiety or worry or fear.

When we establish that we are going to love ANYWAY no matter what, it lifts us up above the situation to win at whatever the cost knowing God Himself, Love Himself has got us and love NEVER fails.

When we determine to be happy ANYWAY in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in understanding that THE key to happiness is love according to both Science and Scripture then we once again fall back into the arms of Love that NEVER fails. And thus how we can decide to be happy ANYWAY knowing that God is going to work all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. Question: Are you called according to His purposes or your own? You will not be truly happy until you yield to His purposes. His ways are higher and better and you are going to love His purposes for your life so much better than your own.
We think we want this or that to be happy but happy is not found in a what but in a who! We were hard wired for connection and when our connection with God is right, He helps us get our connections with those we love right. Love does this and this is why love is the key to happiness. Have you ever noticed that you are generally only as happy as your least happy relationship? Get your vertical relationship healthy and Love Himself will help you get your horizontal relationships right.
God’s got you!

Reality is that God’s got us! But we will only enjoy this reality if we believe it. You could tell me that I could go and use your beach house any time I wanted and that would be great! But until I believe you and actually get in my car and go there and take you up on it, it’s just a nice thought. I can dream of it and maybe have some satisfaction of thinking of one day when.… but if I trust you and go there and use it like you said I could, that’s when the fun begins!

When we trust God that’s when the fun begins in life! Pa 40:4 (GNB) says Happy people trust in the Lord. We really are only happy when we are trusting God. Think about it….the last time you absolutely lost your cool, got stressed out, became super angry or felt depressed, in that very moment were you trusting God? Nooooooo, of course not. You were afraid, worried or in despair rehearsing in your mind all the things that have gone wrong or could go wrong. Think about a time when things were good, you could have been the model for the t shirt line Life is Good! You were happy, not worried, trusting God that things are all going to work out. I’ve been in this place even making a table of celebration right in the middle of the enemy’s camp so to speak as scripture says. And there have been other times I was balled up in a crying mess during those times. What was the difference ? Trust vs fear. Same seriousness of problems but one time I was happy trusting God and the other I was worried sick fearing all that could spiral even more out of control.

So when we beleive ANYWAY no matter how it looks, the result is that perfect love casts out fear. How is this so? Because who are we believing in? God! And God is love! Then the cherry on top is that in His presence is fullness of joy. He gives us all things richly to enjoy. And enjoying joy is the definition of H A P P Y. This is why I love to say God is Love is Happy! And when we really understand this we understand that God’s got us!

Happy Monday!

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