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April 19, 2021

What’s your perspective?

Happy Monday !!!

Fifty friends

Fifty flowers

Fifty dollars

Fifty days

Fifty YEARS !

Fifty dollars may not seem like a whole lot and fifty flowers would be a good many but I’ve even planted fifty flowers before in one day. Fifty friends at a party would be some work but we’ve had fifty friends gathered before. Fifty days is only a about a month and a half. But …

F I F T Y Y E A R S !

That’s a long time —- from my perspective. But from God’s perspective it’s like a drop in the bucket. Perspective is EVERYTHING when we think about ANYTHING isn’t it ?!

We just celebrated my amazing husband’s BIG 5-0 / 50th,

Half-a-hundred / Half-a-century / Golden birthday / whatever you call it, it’s quite a significant number…. FIFTY. And yet when you talk to Sixty and Seventy year olds, they say, “Oh you’re so young!”

If you asked me when I was a teenager, I would have said, “Fifty is OLD. They are just in denial.”

The point is – Perspective from the seat of a teen-ager vs perspective from the seat of a Ninety year old is many moons apart.

One isn’t better than the other but they are simply different. The Bible says God renews our youth like the eagles. So this illustrates youthfulness as a good thing. Just ask plastic surgeons. Plenty of people are trying to renew their youth any way possible. Yet scripture also says with all your getting, get understanding and that wisdom is the principle thing. So being older and wiser also has its perks. It’s funny. As a kid, we can’t wait to the next birthday and want to be older each year. But at some point, you start looking back and think oh to be 22 again….

As I type these words, I’m thinking of two of our young staff members who came up to me at church yesterday filled with life and enthusiasm about some major strides they made within our youth department and oh the joy and life they added to me enriching my soul just simply being who they are. Young and full of life and zeal. Then I think of an older friend who comforted me with wise words later in the day.

Whether you are young and vivacious or mature and established or somewhere in between, I encourage you to welcome those into your circle and celebrate the young and old and us somewhere in the middle.

Don’t discount the young. They are brilliant! Don’t ignore the old. They have so much to offer! And try and keep up with us in the middle of the pack running toward the prize of the high calling trying to do all that’s in our hearts for Jesus In community with anyone who wants to run with us.

Ideas just for fun…..

Gather fifty friends.

Plant fifty flowers.

Plan your next fifty days.

Give fifty dollars.

Look forward to your next fifty years or enjoy beautiful memories from your last fifty years!

And please help me celebrate the man of my dreams on social media the rest of this month by sharing what he has meant to you or how your life has been changed because of his life! It will mean the world to him! Or if you would like to share your life change story because of his ministry by email, email us at !!

Your perspective of what God has done in your life is valuable and we would love to hear it!

Happy Monday!!

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