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August 16, 2021

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

…but what about Monday’s that seem more manic than happy?

Ever “had it up to here” ?

Sometimes wanta scream or cry or both and throw your hands up in the air and just forget about it?

Let’s talk about EMOTIONS and dealing with goals, relationships, and situations that seem HOPELESS …..

Ask yourself:

1- Am I avoiding or stuffing emotions trying to “not deal with” the problems causing anxiety or sadness or fear or anger?

•   Stop resisting the pain and yielding to fear. Pain is not the enemy. Pain in and of itself won’t kill you but it may uncover what could if it goes untreated. It may be leading you to the root. Ever considered that? A friend who’s a nurse once told me when the kids were little not to pray that the symptoms would go away. She said we need the symptoms to take us to the root illness so we can treat it and the patient get better? We all have things in us that need to be healed and so realize your pain points are pointing to something deeper that needs your attention.
•   God is right there with you so you don’t have to face what’s been “eating your lunch” alone. You have The Greater One inside of you and He will help you not only face it but overcome what’s bothering you! Like claim VICTORY & finito- done! Over! Winning!!!!

2- Am I focusing on the loss or
problem and overwhelm more than I am focusing on Jesus?
• Magnify God’s mighty power instead of the storm and watch Him work a miracle in your life.
• Fill your mind with two things to drown out worry and doubt: The Word and what you are thankful for.
• If you need help, ask for it. At some point when we become so focused on the worry or our emotions have become so frazzled, we need help. Get help and there is no shame in needing help. I am praying that Believe ANYWAY will be helpful in renewing your mind with the Word and give you hope to hold on to, in order to get THROUGH to the other side.

“Under utterly hopeless circumstances {s}he hopefully believed…”
Romans 4:18, WNT

Happy Monday!

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