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September 6, 2021

💥 News Flash 💥 No one fully knows what they are doing!

Idk bout you but I find great comfort in that…do you always know everything? Um nope😂 Me neither!

Abraham, the father of our faith didn’t know where he was going but went! Even he didn’t always know everything.

And if you think about it, even Jesus went places and they rejected him and He was like “Deuces” ✌️. He was human and God so the human side of him maybe didn’t see that coming.

Anything happen to you lately where you didn’t see that coming?

God literally knocked Paul off his @&# donkey and called him to reach the very people who before, he was murdering! Talk about a major course correction that I bet he didn’t fully understand.
What if he had let “what they think about me” stop him? Or “but what about this or that” stop him?
He just went with it. And so must we if we want to fulfill God’s plan for our lives!

Has God asked you to do something you didn’t feel like you could do or become someone you didn’t feel qualified to be? Eeeeehhh maybe like for me, an author (which still makes me laugh when I hear someone call me that) and pastor’s wife (after almost twenty years, finally somewhat getting the hang of it) and missionary (little me from the back woods of Mississippi? Travel the world?!) and mom of champions (How those two boys turned out so great is a testimony of God’s grace, favor, & purpose  on their lives. So much respect for them having me as their mom with all the ways I missed it running through my mind even now lol – Any other moms with me?! BUT GOD!) and…you get the picture!

What are some of these things for you or what are some things God is leading you toward now and you keep looking behind you to see if He really know who He’s got here?! LOL  

Happy Monday!


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