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September 13, 2021

The answer you’ve been looking for is finally here!

Have you heard?

Faith is the O N L Y way to please God according to Scripture. And I know you well enough to know that’s really what your aim is. That’s at the core of all you do, right?! No doubt.

But are you like me in that you are always looking for a better way to do things? Are you searching high and low for the secret sauce? I know you are because you are going for it in life and growing, reaching for the next level, praying out His purpose, gathering rock-star girls around you who spur you on to greater things.

How do I know all this about you? Because you are in this tribe and you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t giving it your all, grappling with life and going for the gold….in other words looking for “the answer” or “the key” to unlock all God has for you! Are you ready? It’s so much simpler than you think. I would be so bold as to say, it’s the SECRET TO LIFE.

Ya see, I remember like yesterday laying in my twin bed in the back woods of Mississippi with the window to my bedroom cracked to let a light breeze into my 8X8 room if I had to guess. At the foot of my bed was a dresser filled with all the things a fifteen year old would have on display….a jewelry box with a plastic ballerina who danced when you opened it (if it was wound up). Remember those? And a mirror that attached to the dresser. And my most prized possession at the time – a small crystal pitcher maybe the size of your hand that my grandmother had given me. I remember in those days realizing that piece of real crystal was the most valuable, beautiful thing I personally owned so it was guarded with my life. So there I lay praying to God as a fifteen year old asking God for some REALLY BIG STUFF. I prayed this prayer that now has been partially answered. “God, when I grow up, I want to find the secret to life, something everyone wants and invent it, sell it, and become rich so that I can give it away and help those who can’t help themselves.”

Two thirds of that prayer has been answered!!! You guys, I thought I may become an inventor and invent a product of some kind. Not exactly.

But I have FOUND THE SECRET TO LIFE & I’m shouting it from the rooftops to anyone who will listen.

If you read Happy ANYWAY & Love ANYWAY, you know the secret to a happy and fulfilled life is simply LOVE. {{ It’s been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN!}} That is all broken down in a way you can grab hold of it and then spread the happy and share the love and skip into your bright future instead of shuffle through life with your head down missing all the sunshine around you.

Okay, so great….yea, yea, I got all that, you may say. But there is still something missing. Here’s the kicker, the final piece of the puzzle, the crux of it all, what will bring it home for you……… THE ANSWER YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR….the question you’ve been asking in one form or another….

How to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE no matter what life throws at me?Entire books and courses have been created and sold by the hundreds on weight loss, how to come back when you get knocked down, how to restore your marriage, how to get wealthy, how to be healthy – spirit/soul/body, on and on and on….

Here’s how: Believe ANYWAY


I’m not just saying it to try to sell lots of books. My mission has not been to make lots of money for myself off of these books. In fact so far it’s all gone back into making more books to get more of this message out and to our nonprofit, that reaches into the 10/40 window rescuing kids from human trafficking, building Bible schools, churches, and orphanages!! So when you find what you’ve been searching for in these books, you’ll be simultaneously giving hundreds of thousands of people their answer and helping us reach India with the gospel.

My mission is still the same from the start : to help women find their happy & to empower them to spread the happy, share the love, and inspire hope in the hearts of as many as we can together as a happy sisterhood!

If you have already gotten your copy on Amazon, consider getting a copy for a friend or three!!!!! And let’s not just keep this to ourselves but these books will make a great Birthday gift or Christmas gift. Believe ANYWAY is the Grand Finale in this series and is full-color, interactive, great for a book club or small group or your own private devotion. If you haven’t gotten your copy on Amazon, get outta here! Go, go, go and starting tomorrow, you will be able to WRITE A REVIEW & that will help so much!

Thank you to all of my readers, my friends, family, and church-family-of-choice!!!!! I’ve been blown away by each one who has walked on any or all parts of this journey with me!!! It’s meant the world! And together we can make a difference in someone’s life who may be wanting to give up on life like I did at one point!!! Who can you call or jot a note or text to today with the link to this book whom it could be life for like it has been for us? Never underestimate what a difference a small act could make.

Believe ANYWAY… matter what life throws at you!

Happy Monday!



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