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September 20, 2021

Hey Happy Girl!

Happy Monday!

Did you see last week that Believe ANYWAY launched successfully and I am hearing great feedback from many who have already received their books!!! Yay God! Can’t wait to hear from more of you and please go and write a REVIEW after you purchase your book on Amazon! Yay YOU for jumping into all God has for us with me on this journey!

Idea ~ What if you jump in a car or on a plane and REALLY jump even further onto this path with me?!?!

It’s time for some YOU & ME TIME! It’s time for Happy Girl 21!!!! Can you believe it? This Friday night, the doors open at 6pm and the Pre-Show starts at 6:45 with the Kick-Off at 7 pm and you don’t want to be miss a minute of the Kick-Off. If you don’t have your tickets yet, get them here.

Nicole Crank is comin in hot and I have a message from my newest book, Believe ANYWAY, burning in my heart to share. And we have a Bonus speaker this year, my husband, Pastor Kevin Cooley!! His message is going to bring you to your knees! I know it in my gut.

Go! Get your Premium ticket and then finish this blog later LOL. The Premium ticket will get you lunch with Nicole, her new book while supplies last, Premium Seating, Access to the Red Room, and the cutest Swag bag ever!!!

This year the Theme is Believe ANYWAY… to THRIVE no matter what life throws at you!!!

Ya know that stuff is getting thrown at us from every direction. Divorce is up, suicide is up, mental illness is up, anxiety is up……but what’s up HIGHER than any of that is our praise and our God! We are going to come TOGETHER & EXALT Him above it allllllll!!!! And we are going to watch Him drive these things far from our lives!!!!!!

Join Nicole and me and my favorite preacher, my husband, Kevin and all of the amazing Panelists who will be fielding your questions in the best Happy Girl Conference yet! He is taking us from glory to glory!

We will gather this Friday night at 6pm-9pm with an Afterparty and then again on Saturday at 9:30-3 Lunch included!

Cannot wait to see Youuuuuuuu!!!!

Thank you for helping me spread ghe happy, share the love of Christ, and inspire hope in the hearts of as many as we can to Believe ANYWAY no matter what life throws at us!!!!

Happy Monday!



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