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October 5, 2021

Breathe in His love!

I just spoke at a beautiful Women’s conference called that ~ Breathe in His love. Shout out to all you girls in Pittsburgh!!! Champion Life, you were amazing!

As I returned home after a busy season with the Believe ANYWAY book launch, the Happy Girl Conference, and lots of travel, this morning I stopped and did just that. I breathed in His love and had a relaxing morning.

I started writing the blog this morning on my back patio when my husband walked out with his coffee. So I chose him over the “work” of getting the blog out. Then the day got away from me with meetings and tasks that had to be taken care of.

So the blog got pushed til now. Did I want that to happen? No. Was it best? No. Yet in one sense, yes. But just a bit ago when my precious assistant, who is part of my brain, reminded me, a tinge of anxiety struck my chest and instead of yielding to it, I breathed in His love without guilt or shame or regret and I hope you do that the next time you make a mistake or something doesn’t go exactly as it should.

At the end of the day, LOL, literally it is and that’s when this blog is hitting your email, I pray it’s the perfect timing for someone who needed it right now. This is what believing ANYWAY looks like in a small, simple way.

Day to day, so many things like this happen for all of us so let this be a reminder to you, that God really does work things out for good because we love Him and are called according to His purpose.

We do our best and He does the rest.

So right now, breathe in His love and leave what you need to, to Him! And get to what you can when you can without worry or anxiety. Choose peace. It’s YOUR choice.

He’s enough even when we don’t feel like we are. And so many things don’t matter as much as it feels like it does in the moment ANYWAY!



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