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October 25, 2021

”Me” Time

Who gets “Me” Time?

Email or comment on the blog or better yet on the Happy Monday Blog social media post & let me know what you do on the reg for “Me” Time! I’ld love to know: 1- Do you get regular “Me” Time? 2- Do you think it’s selfish to want “Me” Time? 3- What do you do for “Me” Time?

I said “Me” Time so much to try to make you feel uncomfortable. LOL Did it work?

If you are anxiety ridden now at the thought of lots of “Me” Time and trying to think as if you don’t deserve it, or feeling like it’s selfish, or that you are unworthy of it, YOU are who I am talking to…

If you are like ~ Yea girl! I am all about “Me” Time! I have to be sure I’m giving enough time to my family and friends because I am a lil too “Me” absorbed, I’m talking to you, too…

If you say ~ I have finally nailed this balance in life and have proper boundaries in place. I give lots of myself to others but also make sure I get ample “Me” Time as well, I’m also talking to you…

And this is what I want to say to you:

I want you to join me for some “Us” Time. It’s “Me” Time for YOU & ME 🙂 It’s tonight at 7:30 pm CST and each Monday for only 6 weeks. I want to INVEST into YOU by personally leading you through Believe ANYWAY with a deeper dive on ZOOM! We will get to share what God is speaking to us all from this beautiful book God has given us!!!

You’re worth it! Make time to do things that will get you closer to where you want to be in life. Do things for yourself that will feed your faith. It’s impossible to please God without faith! Believe ANYWAY is exactly what you need right now. In this day and time, when the world has gone absolutely slap crazy, we NEED to talk about “When all hope is lost” and “See it. Be it.” and “Crazy Faith” and “Obey Now. Understand Later.” and “I still believe” and “Happy People Trust the Lord” and “Faith Works by Love” and “Our Secret Weapon” Those are the chapter titles of Believe ANYWAY & when I tell you there is gold in them there hills, there really is and it’s going to be such great, encouraging, life-giving convo for us! I sure hope you will join me!

Here’s the link!!!

I’ll see you tonight at 7:30 pm CST and invite a friend or three! The more the merrier! If you know me, you know I’m inclusive, not exclusive. Can’t stand pretentious stuff.

Share my social media posts about this Believe ANYWAY Launch Team Study and help me spread the happy, share the love, and inspire hope in the hearts of as many as we can to believe ANYWAY no matter what life throws at us!

Block out Monday nights for a few weeks for some “Me” Time and encourage others to as well!!!



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