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January 24, 2022


Not appreciated. Not respected. Not understood. Not validated. Not valued. 

What are you not? 

Those are my “top-nots”

that my feelings tell me when I get all in em….

Good news I’m finding out as I go :

Wether I feel all those “NOTS” or not…..

that then cause knots in my stomach, lumps in my throat, and drive wedges in my relationships, the truth is that when I focus on the TRUTH of what I am, both the “NOTS” and the knots fade away! 

Let me tell you what I am :

I am loved by Love Himself so its ok if I am not loved at the moment by “Prickly Cactus”. I am more than a conqueror through Christ and no weapon formed against me will prosper. This means that whoever opposes me, opposes God because greater is He that is in me than the critics that are in this world. I am the head and not the tail, above and not beneath these situations I am facing that must bow to the name of Jesus. I am in right standing with God and that matters way more to me than being in right standing with someone who is being unreasonable. I am understood by the One who made me this way. I am valued by the One who gave His own life for me. I am validated by the One who said that my sins are forgiven and removed as far as the east is from the west. I am respected by the One who calls me a priest and a daughter of the Most High God. I am appreciated by those in a foreign land who would have spent eternity in hell but now instead they are on their way to heaven and bringing untold thousands along with them. 

What are you not according to the reel in your head? 

What are you really according to God and who he says that you are?

Next time someone makes you feel like all those things you are not…..

Next time the devil whispers in your head all the things you are not….

Next time your eyes try to settle on all the knots in your stomach and the trouble, anxiety, depression, and loneliness that can set in…..

Just look your situation in the eyes. Look that person in the eyes. Look the mirror in the eyes. Look the Word of God in the eyes. 

And say who you are! 

Say who He says you are!

Hold your head high. “They” don’t define who you are by telling you who you are not. Even if they are people you love and love you….sometimes those are the ones who can make us second guess ourselves the most. Don’t shrink back. Don’t give up. Don’t zone into who you are not! 

Focus on, say out loud, and live out loud from the place of who you are! From the heart! From the core of YOU….where Jesus is! You are all that and a bag of chips! That’s who you are! Now own YOU! And rock who you are unashamedly! God don’t make no junk! And He made you that way. Stop apologizing and go show your world who you are! The ones who are for you will celebrate you. The ones who aren’t, won’t. And that’s ok. 

The Lord told my husband years ago —— those who are for you cannot leave and those who are abasing you cannot stay! 

Go where you are celebrated and not tolerated. Go where you can be who you are and not have to keep trying not to be and do this and that. 

Happy Monday!



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