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January 31, 2022

Beautiful boys

When broken boys bend their will and humble themselves to God:

Broken boys become bold boys.

Broken boys become builders of bright futures.

Broken boys become beasts who are forces to be reckoned with.

Broken boys become might men of valor and instead of feeling beaten down, they conquer hills that used to intimidate them. They gain victory over flesh patterns that dogged their tracks for years. They heal in His presence from all the damage people have done. Life continues to happen but for these broken boys who have now become mighty men this is what happens:

Mighty visions are birthed.

Mighty plans are executed.

Mighty relationships are forged and flourish. 

Mighty dreams are fulfilled and enjoyed.

It’s your choice to be a broken boy or a mighty man. 

It has been so beautiful watching my boys become mighty men. God is still forming them into who He is calling them to be. But I’m so encouraged to know they are seeking God’s will for their lives and I have no doubt of all the lives who will be reached through their mighty Iives as they so exemplify this writing that just flowed from my heart inspired by my beautiful boys! 

If you have any broken boys in your life, I’m praying for you and I’m telling you! Hold on to this and confess this over him!! 

Happy Monday,


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