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January 30, 2023

Lord, Help Me Really See…

Lord, help me really see…

Yesterday, I got wrecked on the front row at the very end of the last service of the day by this prayer and I double-dog dare you to pray this same prayer…

Lord, help me to really see what YOU want me to see, how YOU see things, and then to BE who YOU see that I am. He answered my prayer so sweetly.

If you pray this prayer, I believe you will begin to see clearly now…(the rain is gone) Sorry, just so obvious so couldn’t resist and hope that old song will be stuck in your head all day to remind you of your narrowed focus and sight on what HE sees and is helping you to see…like a veil lifted from your eyes, like the smoke filled room clearing, like the sunlight breaking through the fog, like a new day dawning on the horizon causing everything to come to light dispelling the darkness. This is my prayer for you and THIS is how to get a vision from God and get a pep back in your step and get moving in the right direction.

Now, that the light is on and you can see, it’s time to take action and so here’s a tiny taste from one of my books that could set you on a course towards accomplishing more this year than ever before, able to see it and be it!

See it & Be it

It’s the first chapter of Believe ANYWAY, my third book, and that chapter alone could have a radical impact in your life if you put to action what’s on those pages.

Here’s a brief summary and even the cliff notes could bring a real revolution to your days.

“For as {s}he thinks in her heart so is {s}he…” Proverbs 23:7 NKJ

~ make a vision board

~ get a daily success routine

~ imagine you living your best life ~ write and review your goals daily ~ believe ANYWAY

Do you have a daily success routine?

Have you written out your goals & do you review them weekly?

What are you waiting for? Set aside some time to go back and read all the Happy Monday blogs from January and the last one in December and today’s and it could bring you as much or more value as going away to a conference or retreat. These blogs this month are power packed with information, inspiration, and practical life hacks I’ve paid a small fortune for over the years. All for you for FREE. Want more? Go to and grab a book, online course, personal coaching sessions, podcasts, and more FREE blogs.

Whatever you do, do at least any part of today’s blog and you will be on your way to a life that works! You’ll find yourself thriving no matter what life throws at you, believing ANYWAY in what He sees and what your eyes of faith see instead of what it may currently look like in your life.

Happy Monday!


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