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January 23, 2023

Same Goals / Very Different Results 

No one sets goals to be unhealthy, poor, depressed, or divorced. But far too many find themselves exactly there. 

What if I told you most of us have pretty similar goals? 

But, Adrienne, you’ve been telling us for weeks on this Happy Monday Blog the importance of setting goals so hmmmm??? 

I can hear you thinking. Good. That’s what I’m hoping for. I want you to engage in your own life. 

So yes! If you haven’t yet read the last several weeks on goal setting PLEEEASE do! You’ll be really glad you did. It’s stuff I paid thousands of dollars to learn and giving it to you for FREE. And now let’s add to it just a little bit for a lot bit more RESULTS! 

Do you have your 2023 goals written? Yes. The right answer is YES! (If not, it’s ok…go back and read the last few blogs so you can write them in such a way that will give the edge on getting what you’re going for!) 

Now take one goal at a time and think of what all it would take to get that goal actually accomplished. 

Write down 20 or more to- dos, prioritize them, then put them into your calendar. 

Here’s what you will notice. Your psyche will shift from “dreamy” to “Oh Gosh! I’m actually committing to this” …so much that this scary step is going on my actual to-do list for this week or next month or whenever you decide?! But you gotta decide and get it on the calendar to DO…and not only DREAM of doing. 

This is a tiny taste of so much I’ve been learning and I’d love to share more with you. 

Have you dealt with disappointment after not achieving things you’ve wanted to do for so long? Want to write a book, launch a podcast, go on a missions trip, lead a small group at your church, start a business, learn to paint or paddle-board or you name it?!?! What do you want out of life? I have dreamed of all of these things and more but decided not to only dream but also to go for it and achieve these things and I want to take you on this journey with me! Come on! Let’s go! You can do this! The only thing keeping you from the life you want is the one reading this blog. So get out of your way and try this stuff! It reallllly works!

Happy Monday!




Please let me know when you get some goals accomplished! I’ll be praying for you to get started, follow through, and see it and be it!!


If this all sounds good, and you would like to be walked through more of this, consider Happy Coaching at

I’m so excited to tell you what someone just told me this week ~ if you had told me I would experience this much change in this short of time, I would’ve not believed you!

Seeing people get past their limiting beliefs and reaching for what God’s put in their hearts is my favorite thing I’ve ever gotten to do. I’m absolutely LOVING seeing not only my dreams come true but helping others’ dreams come true!

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