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January 16, 2023

Is Your Life Working?

There is one difference between my struggle & some who struggle…the outcome!

The struggle many times is the same for us…I know ~ varying degrees of pain, betrayal, loss, and destruction of our lives. 

But one thing that is different about a winner and a loser is one stays down and let’s the battle destroy them and the other keeps getting up one way or another and even though it’s not pretty and even though things aren’t done perfectly or even anywhere close to it at times, a winner is just too crazy in the best kind of way to quit! 

You push through it. You work through it. You pray through it. You grow through it. You love through it. You forgive through it. You struggle through it sometimes. But you don’t sit down, lay down, back down, and quit. You just don’t. Maybe for a minute or a day or maybe you have for months or even years, but guess what?! If you are reading this, you’re still here! That means there is hope! That means you haven’t quit! That means your outcome can still be that of a WINNER…the winner God has called you to be!!!!

That’s why we have created this podcast called A Life that Works we want to share with you! Kevin and I know we aren’t alone in feeling like losers at times, like worms crawling around trying to find our way. Thank God we don’t go by the way we feel but rather by the way we believe! And you can too! Your situation doesn’t define you! Your past or your enemies or frenemies don’t define you! Your failure doesn’t define you! God’s Word does! 

Just like a beautiful butterfly scrapes and scraps and pushes and strains to get out of that cocoon, and begins to rise above the low life, that’s exactly what God has for you this year! 

Say this with me: “A new ME in 23!” Maybe you felt like a worm and maybe you actually did things that made you or others convinced that you were, but my husband and I want to encourage you that it’s never too late! There is no time like the present! You can see it and be it! You can overcome more than you think you can! 

You CAN have a life that works!!!

Join us each third Thursday of the month on any platform for our new podcast called A Life that Works and join in the conversation! Become part of the community we are building around this idea of loving life, living the life Jesus came and died for us to have, and overcoming what we maybe thought was impossible! Up against something impossible? That’s what God specializes in! Let’s together spread our wings and soar above it all like God had created us to do!

Happy Monday!


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