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January 9, 2023

Do You Have a Life That Works, Really?

Would you like a simple Goal Setting Guide that is backed by science to help you achieve the life you want? Want to THRIVE no matter what life throws at you?


If so, I believe this blog can help you go from good to great or from great to fantabulous!

If not, first of all, the value of this blog is literally thousands of dollars. I’ve literally spent many thousands to learn what I’m giving you today for FREE. It digs in a little deeper than than the last two weeks. But if you missed the last two weeks, I double-dog-dare ya to go back and read them for a bigger picture to supplement the nitty gritty you’re gonna love getting your hands all in today!!

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Back to THIS BLOG!
I’ve decided to dedicate each Happy Monday Blog in January to drilling this same idea into you every way I can. This week is a more pointed and actionable version of the last two weeks so you can get your heart and head around how to get the life you want! This is such a big part of how to THRIVE in life no matter what life throws at you!

Check out this simple Goal Setting Guide to help you have the best year ever this year. Aim at nothing and you’ll hit it every time.

I’ve gathered various parts of this guide over the years – about 30 to be exact and it’s how I’ve managed to create a life that works! If you will do the work and put forth the described below, so will you!

2023 Goal Setting Guide :

(Read all 10 steps first and then Ready, Set, Go! A better me in 23!)

1- Pray and ask God to help you choose only 7-10 max goals for the year.
      Start with a piece of paper and pen (not digital on your phone) and on the left side write

Write at least one goal in each basket of life and for only up to a total of no more than 10 goals, 1 or 2 of the categories may have 2 or 3 goals….as long as you DON’T have more than 10 total. One goal per each is plenty!

2- Each one is to be present or past tense / not future – I am instead of I will ….

3- Rewrite them for 30 days every day from memory and by 30 days in it will be part of who you are and it will be accomplished.

4- Make each one so simple a first grader could understand it.

5- Set a timer and write them in 3 minutes / science has proven if you take more time than that you will weaken them and talk yourself out of it.

6- They must be specific and measurable meaning instead of – I want to lose weight. Two things are wrong with this goal. It’s in future tense and it’s not measurable. A good goal would say – I am my perfect weight of 148 pounds. (It’s present tense and it’s specific and measurable.)

7- Each goal needs to be realistic. It should be more than you can easily do on your own and must have God’s help to achieve but it doesn’t need to be so “far out” that it’s not doable. Do stretch yourself because if you’re not at least a little scared, you’re not reaching high enough!

8- Once you rewrite them for several days from memory (not looking back at what you wrote yesterday) you will notice some will stick and some will fall off. Continue to pray into these goals and allow God to help you adjust measurements, details and even entire goals. The less important ones will either fall off over the 30 days and be replaced with something more important to you or will be adjusted to more accurately represent what’s in your heart. For me, the first 5 I could rattle off almost second nature already after the first 7-8 days.

9- Ask yourself why you’ve settled in some of these areas and what has kept you from accomplishing these things before. Ask God to show you your limiting beliefs that have kept you from reaching for them or caused you to quit on dreams. Repent and replace your “make do” plans with His plans. Stop second guessing yourself and really go for it this year! Katie, bar the door, here you come!

10- Set up rewards for each goal after the first month or quarter of seeing progress. Example: one of my goals is to be my perfect weight of 148 so a reward is after I lose a certain number of pounds, I’m going to get myself a new outfit. What rewards can you set up for your small wins throughout the year?

I double dog dare you to do this 


It’s fun and gets real results! It’s scientifically based. There is neuroscience involved and doing it this way is the difference in having dreams vs having goals – dreams with deadlines and action steps.

Enjoy! I believe this is going to propel the vision God has for your life forward at record speed. The better we are, the better the families, teams, ministries, and people we lead are.

Happy Monday! You’re about to have…


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