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May 29, 2023

Happy Memorial Day!

First of all this morning, I think of all who are reading this before going to work today on this holiday while so many are with family and friends resting. My mind then goes to what this holiday actually is about and my heart goes to families who understand the meaning of today on a level I will never understand. After that, I circle back to what today will mean to me and millions of other Americans today. A day at the beach, lake or pool or backyard barbecues with those we love. Whatever today brings for you, I hope you take a moment to be still and know that He is God. He is God in your situation – whatever it is you are facing. I think of several families we love dealing with health challenges beyond comprehension, loss of all kinds, and would give anything for the All American dream of a Happy Memorial Day.

You may think, wow, way to bring this day way down. No, you don’t understand real happiness if that’s what you’re thinking. Real happiness involves empathy for those who are maybe not in the ideal situation you may find yourself in right now. Or if you are in the trenches trying to climb your way up in reality yet today are trying to find what Bud Light is left after the shortage that’s expected for the weekend due to their recent debacle, may I encourage you there is a better way. No amount of alcohol or fun or wreckless living will dull the pain you are trying to pretend isn’t there. No amount of “good” you do will either. I’m all about doing good and not here to judge you on your choice of what you call fun. I am here to challenge you that today, in all your fun, ask yourself, are you honoring God, your family, and your friends? Also ask yourself, is there family that you need to make things right with? Are there friends you need to release because you know they are not going where you are headed? Is there something you were planning to do today that you may need to reconsider?

This blog is super odd for me to write but I literally feel like there is someone who this blog is for today and could change the trajectory of your life. I believe God is calling someone to forgive, someone to live holy and change your friends, someone to come up higher and take the high road with a loved one, someone else to become thankful for your life realizing it could be so much worse, and someone to know that your hardship is legit and it’s okay to cry today because it’s not the fun All American day it used to be hoping it will become again one day.

Finally, for those who have it all together, not facing any pain whatsoever in this season of life, have a healthy balance of appreciation for those who have given their very lives for us to be able to enjoy this happy celebratory day it is meant to be, I pray you have a blast today with those you love. I pray you also stop and pray for a moment for those not in your shoes and maybe even let God touch your heart to reach out to someone you know who needs encouragement, serve at your church regularly and give out of your overflow to advance the kingdom. I pray God gives you the rest you’ve needed today that will rejuvenate you to be the catalyst in someone’s life that activates in them the motivation to create a life that works!

Happy Memorial Monday!



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