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May 8, 2023


I’ll never forget being a Freshman in High School taking Geometry in a class with mostly all seniors  from Mr. Stiff. I had so many questions and just wasn’t understanding whatever concept he was teaching us. Second row from the windows and about 3 seats back from the front. It was 1986. I kept raising my hand to ask for more clarifications and asking friends around me questions when I missed things in his lecture. 

He got so frustrated with me that he finally just broke out into song …

🎶 “You talk too much! You nevuh shut up!” 🎶 …not just that part but he sang the song almost in it’s entirety! The class was dumbfounded, thinking, “What is happening right now?!” And then erupted into laughter AT ME and of course at Mr. Stiff. 

Maybe you’re not being an obnoxious 9th grader asking far too many questions (or a &? year old that I am who still asks so many questions when I’m in a setting trying to learn) hmmmm self awareness happening here lol. Ok, back to the subject at hand…here’s something I am learning and want to share with you: In your quiet time with God, turn off your brain a little more and be still and focus on simply knowing He is God. What if He wants to teach you what He wants you to know? 

You may have lots of questions about what’s going on in your life or in situations and problems you are facing. But think about it! You are in the presence of almighty God! He already knows even before you ask. I’m in no way saying not to ask God questions. Yes, do but sometimes be aware if you are doing all the talking. 

It’s like when you are in the presence of someone who has accomplished a lot and are an expert in an area, the one who needs to be listening is you so you can learn all you can from them! If you’re talking the whole time, you can’t be learning. Sometimes, I do still ask lots of questions but also I’ve been in moments where I wasn’t able to get any questions out. So many answers came anyway because people who are out ahead of us intuitively, many times know what we need to know so when we just focus on listening instead of formulating the next thing we will say or ask, often we get as much or more out of it. 

Same thing in your quiet time with God! Shhh! Listen and trust Him to get you what you need in those moments you are so desperately crying out and needing answers. Cry out. Make your request known and then stop going on and on about it. Sit. Listen. Be still. Know He is God. Rest. Trust. See what He has to show you. 

Shhh! Here’s a bonus that will come of it, too! When we yield to quietness a lil more, it automatically makes us more “others minded”! I’ve always had a big mouth and this is something I’m enjoying more of these days, listening! I’m by no means the quietest person in the room but, here’s what I’m finding: the more you shhh a little bit more, the more you learn, the more you enjoy moments, and the more you connect with others getting to know their hearts. Try it! You’ll begin to interrupt a lil less, and become more understanding and empathetic. Your relationships with people and with God will take on new dimensions. 

Happy Monday! 



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