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May 15, 2023

By this time next year…

My husband had a word from God for a friend who was trying to conceive a child with difficulty and couldn’t that by this time next year, she would be pregnant and sure enough the following year, God made good on His Word He had for that couple and they had a sweet baby! 

In 2 Kings 4, Elisha told the woman of renowned that by this time next you, you will be holding your son. She said to the prophet, don’t play with me! (Addie version) 

So this was my husband’s Mother’s Day message this weekend ~ By this time next year!

I encourage you to go and watch it at and send the link to someone you know who needs encouragement about something really big they’re believing God for! 

Whatever you are crying out to God for, I’d like or prophesy to you right now ~ By this time next year…(you fill in the blank) 

I’m agreeing with you in faith for your miracle and by this time next year whatever your heart’s desire is a reality and no longer just a wish or dream. 

Happy Monday!



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