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June 26, 2023

Do what you know to do!

Are you searching for answers and keep coming up short?

Do you find yourself on Chat GPT asking it a million questions, thinking FINALLY, something with even more clear answers than Google? Seriously, how many “How to?” videos have we all watched on YouTube? How many late nights in difficult seasons have we worn out Google searches trying to find the meaning of life or at least the meaning of whatever current betrayal or rejection or loss we were experiencing at the time? What are you trying to figure out right now?

Maybe your mind isn’t going 90 to nuthin’ all the time like mine does, but if so, I have a radical concept that may just help you take a deep sigh of relief like it has me lately…do what you know to do! Sure, there are tons of things we know we don’t know. Then there are things we don’t know that we don’t know. But, guess what? There are also things we know we know.

I have lived in those first two spaces for far too long and I want to invite you to come over to that last space with me. Let’s take action like never before in the areas of life where we know that we know. Yes, remain teachable but also confidently make some big moves in the areas you know you know. Stop holding back. Stop second guessing what you know that you know. And start putting feet to do what you know to do.

People ask me how I’ve accomplished this or that or the other thing and this is how. It’s the same secret to success for anyone. People say it’s not about what you do but more so about who you are. Ummm, I’ve said that, too. But there is a ditch on both sides of that road. Of course it’s not all about “doing” but what you do is truly just a byproduct of who you are.

If who you are is a kind, giving person who loves people, you will do things for people and give of yourself and resources in kind, generous ways. You just will. If you know God, you will make Him known. If you are fearful and self absorbed, you will spend all your energy and time trying to protect yourself and over-care for yourself. If you are insecure and shameful, you will hold back and keep all your amazing attributes to yourself to avoid looking like a fool.

Want to turn not-enoughness into more than enough? The latter lines up with scripture about you and the former is contrary to The Word of God. So of course you do! Here’s how: Do what you know to do!

God will bless everything you put your hand to, not everything you hold back on, second guess, and shrink back from. Will you fail, mess up, and maybe even hurt people and yourself in the process unintentionally. Probably. And when you do, stay humble but just keep doing what you know to do from there. You’ll get better and better and better and so will those around you which is your heart. It is more blessed to give than receive. We are all happiest when we give. God made us this way and that’s why the enemy wants to keep you only in the space of questions instead of answers.

Everyone who knows me knows I do ask a lot questions and it does take asking the right questions to get the right answers but I chose to stop being stuck in the questions only and now I am sharing all these answers I’ve found over the past 30 years of asking through HAPPY COACHING.

Are you ready to find your happy? Would you like to change the landscape of your relationships? Wishing you could go from surviving to thriving in life? You can! I’d love to spend three Happy Coaching sessions with you. We have seen some beautiful results so far and I can hardly wait to see what else God is going to do for people through these God-ordained times. It’s been the most fun I’ve had in ministry and I look forward to helping you locate what you know you know so you can be about it!



p.s. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @addiecooley and Facebook @adriennecooley. You can never have too much happy!

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