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June 19, 2023

My sons make their beds most every day!

What? Seriously? Is this really happening? Can you please tell me the secret? How did you do this?

If this blog title interested you and if I took those questions right out of your mouth, this little tid bit today is just for you. It was over 25 years ago, before my first son was even born and I heard a guy preach named Joe McGee. He became well known in the early 90’s for his preaching on family and parenting. He said these words and I held on to them over the last 25 years and so I thought I’d encourage you with his words that were literally an anchor for me through the wiles of parenting.

Let’s start with the fact that my sons did not make their beds every day when they were little. I threatened, begged, authoritatively persuaded, and lovingly led them to do so, trying everything in the book! Sound familiar? Memories flood my mind of those days feeling like, “How in the world am I going to launch these boys into adulthood to be champions? I can’t even get them to make up their beds!”

All of us stay at home moms would be visiting at a seemingly weekly birthday party. It would inevitably begin – comparison. To hear them talk, their children made nothing less than 97’s, made their beds, had impeccable manners, and were sure to be running our cities in the coming two decades. Like you, I felt less than, not enough, and like, OMG, my kids are doomed. I can never measure up to producing such trophy children.

I will never forget when the Aha moment came that parenting my children wasn’t about me at all. Hello! It was about them and guess what? It still is. The thing about Aha moments is they keep coming as do reminders of previous ones because if you’re like me…how easily we forget.

Are you still wondering what Joe McGee said? He said, “One day, you will turn around and your kids will make their beds on their own. Just keep telling them over and over and over and over what you are trying to instill into them. One day, it will click. Don’t give up!” So for years, when it didn’t seem like they would ever make their beds or clean their rooms or study for tests or fill in the blank, we hoped what Joe McGee said was true. It was! And it will be for you and your children, too.

It’s a principle of sowing and reaping. We sowed into our children for years and I know you have, too. I also know that in some seasons, for both you and me, we have seen weeds choke out the seeds we have planted in our children. Keep standing. Whether your kids are 10 and you just so wish they would begin to make their beds or as teens, show signs of good character developing, or young adults floundering about trying to find their way, be patient. Keep sowing The Word of God into them, praying for them, and modeling Christ to them.

One day, you will look up and be shocked like we were. Not only will your children be living by the principles you’ve taught them, but they just might even start making their beds! Let this parenting encouragement to not quit strengthen you for another lap around the track of parenthood. I didn’t say your kids will begin doing everything exactly the way you want them to. But as you seek God for your children, the peace of God will fill your heart, faith will rise up in you, and I pray that God will use you to give someone else a little parenting encouragement to not quit!

Happy Monday!


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