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June 12, 2023

God can change your name!

God knows your sin but calls you by your name. The devil knows your name but calls you by your sin. Who are you going to be like? Who do you say that you are? THAT is who you will be because who you SEE yourself as is who you will BE just like the title of the first chapter of Believe
ANYWAY says…See it and Be it!

When we see something amazing or terrible, we usually say something like, “Look at that!” or “Oh no, LOOK!” Maybe you’ve done things that embarrass you and because of that, you’re ashamed of who you are. Perhaps people have made you feel less than and it has made you see yourself in a negative light. What do you catch yourself saying to YOU when you’re driving alone or putting on makeup or mindlessly working about who you are? Write down 3 things you say about yourself to friends, family, coworkers, and yourself the most?

I used to say all the time that I’m so airheaded. You may have heard me say this before if you know me well and if you have, you will also notice I say that it’s been a lot less often than in years past. Guess what? I am a lot less airheaded.

You may can sense in this blog that I’m still a little leary to be so bold as to say, “Airheaded is something I absolutely am NOT at all.” Question? What if I saw myself with the eyes of faith I am challenging you to have? Ya know, as I am typing this blog, faith is rising up in me to change my name when it comes to this 100%. Why not? think about that name, “Airheaded”. Why did I think that was cute? Why did I pet that label? Why did I laugh and let people speak that over me for years agreeing with them? Ha! Ha! Very funny! NOT!

I didn’t mean to get so personal with this but I think the Holy Spirit led me to use something specific so you can think of something specific you have said over yourself and claimed as who you are. Well, let me tell you, sister or brother! That is something I literally just got revelation on as I share my heart with you today. Help me think of a replacement “name” for Airheaded. Something catchy and powerful. Until you DM me your ideas on social media, along with what you are replacing for things you’ve called yourself, I’ll be quoting these verses to combat this old mindset. You will only hear me from now on say things like – I have the mind of Christ. I am quick to respond with wisdom. My wisdom is a blessing to many. God has filled my mind with good things and those are the things I will think on. I am smart. I am quick on my feet. I know what to do in any situation because God shows me things to come as Scripture says. My decisions are solid and sure because I am led by peace. I come up with creative solutions for things fast because the Creator of the Universe lives inside of me and is my sure guide.

Now, I double-dog-dare you to sit down and pick up a pen and write down things like that from The Word of God that describe you BY FAITH! Does any of that sound like the description of an Airhead? NOT. AT. ALL. So why have I for years identified as THAT? Just because one identifies as something, doesn’t even a little iota mean that’s who they are. I’ve greatly lessened the amount at which I identified as an Airhead over the years but honestly, at my core, until this very moment, it has been possibly a major yet seemingly tiny stronghold in my mind that has kept me from all God has for me. I think this root you just helped me dig up and cast out has been more looming in the back of my mind than I have realized like a weight keeping me from taking courageous leaps at times. Thank you for being there to read my blogs. Without you, I may not have the accountability to go to God and be sure I have something to give to you. And today, it boomeranged right back at me! I love my happy sisterhood!

Now, back to you…What is your name? Here’s in the last little bit what I THOUGHT I was going to ask you when I sat down to write this note to you – What is your struggle or sin or issue? Call it what ya want. Call it what will help you OVERCOME IT. Call it what it is. Now, realize that whatever it is for you that is contrary to what The Word says about you, it’s a LIE. That is NOT your name. Now think of the opposite of those things. THAT is actually who God calls you. Again, I’ll ask you, who are you going to align your thoughts with? God or the enemy? It’s your choice.

Prior to 2015, I was depressed, covered up in betrayal, loss, rejection, sadness, madness, pain, sickness, and just an overall hot mess. Get my books and read the Intro for the full story but the bottom line is this: God changed my name from all that to the Happy Girl. I can walk in most any room and someone will yell across the room or walk up and say Happy is here or the happy girl or happy lady is here. Ya’ll tears are welling up in my eyes right now because if anyone DOES NOT deserve this, it’s me! Every time it happens, I’m almost surprised even after all these years and I am still blown away with gratitude and awareness of how ONLY GOD could do this. And trust me! Ask my family! If He can change my name to this, He can change your name to whatever you need Him to!!!!!

May I tell you the sweetest thing ever? We just found out our oldest son and his beautiful, precious wife are having a bouncing baby BOY coming December 2023!!!!! And guess what my grandmother name is going to be, chosen by others and I just love it! Happy!!! Kevin will be Papa. So Happy and Papa are our official new names. Yes, my heart is so happy and yours can be, too!

Let God change your name! And eventually even others will begin to call you by your REAL NAME given to you by God! Maybe not quite as literally as has happened to me but I can’t wait to hear how this translates in your lives!

Happy Monday!



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