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July 18, 2023

Yes, I can…and I will!

How was your Monday? Mine wasn’t the happiest one ever if I’m completely honest with you. Nothing terrible happened but there is just a whole lotta shakin goin on in my life right now. Anybody else feel me on that? Today was such “a day” that I’m just now getting to write this blog that normally goes out in the morning! I could’ve shot it off a couple times earlier today but one reason I didn’t is because it just didn’t feel like I could and it be genuinely something to help you have a happy Monday.

I determined to get myself to a place where I can write out of an overflow and not a deficit. So better late than never and if your Monday was a little or a lot less happy than normal like mine sorta was, it’s not over til it’s over. I want you to remember this phrase when things get tough for you: “Yes, I can…and I will!”

I didn’t feel like writing even tonight but I knew I needed to and as I sat down to pour out my heart, this phrase came to me and it was like God was saying tell people to declare this over themselves…”Yes I can…and I will!”

What has gotten really hard or seems impossible for you lately? What seems like you just can’t accomplish it? When our boys were little, we started saying to them, “Cooleys don’t quit!” and that’s something I see in them both to this day. They are not quitters. So many start things and quit without finishing, unable to keep their word. Many don’t take their word seriously. In today and out tomorrow of marriages, friendships, jobs, churches, and personal goals.

Are you facing something really hard right now? Don’t quit! And when you’re tempted, declare this phrase, “Yes I can!…and I will!” Be strong in grace as Scripture says. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Whatever it seems like you’re up against that seems daunting or too much, you can overcome it and you will! Use your will to overcome. In other words, determine to line up your will with God’s will and will to do what ‘s in your heart from Him!!

Happy Monday ANYWAY!



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