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August 28, 2023

Happy Monday!

This weekend was wild for me! How bout you? I drove 9+ hours to Gatlinburg, TN to be part of a Mastermind with Nicole Crank, Christy Wright and a few women who have become dear friends. And….an item on my bucket list wishes checked off – White water rafting In Tennessee on level 3/4 rapids! What a blast! You should go if it’s something you’ve wished to do for a while. Really worth it!!

Ya know what else is really worth it? Looking at the season you’re in and giving yourself a bit of a break if one is due!

Nicole and Christy both talked about their travel schedules as they were speaking this weekend and so I decided to look at mine – –

I’ve been out of town 13 of 31 days in August and headed back out for 3 more today lol
We’ve hosted 7 guests in our home 14 days and 2 more whom we are UBER excited about – actually THREE (counting our GRANDBABY in Mama’s tummy…cuz he TOTALLY counts!) are coming this week the day after we return from this lil trip.

Note: the first week of August I was still recovering from surgery and transitioning key staff members out to go fulfill their music dreams while also gearing up to launch Garrison, our son out for his sound engineering/Production internship in a couple more weeks.
We also celebrated 30 years of marriage this month. I’d bet you can feel me when you think of your schedule cram packed with more than fits like that sock drawer in your closet! For me, it’s been surgery recovery, travel out the wazoooooo, guests, a major milestone of 30 years, key staff transitions, one of which is our youngest moving out on his own.

What would this list look like for you? I encourage you to write it down.

Now what the heck to do about all this? Well, if I had all the answers, my sock drawer and calendar wouldn’t look like this but I bet if we put our heads together, we can both move the needle a lil and every bit of pressure we can alieve is a win, right? You in? So if you’re feeling like you may break any day or as if one more thing is not just gonna fall off your plate but more like feels like could sink your ship, let’s talk for just a couple more minutes via this blog that could truly set your course for a happier Monday…

Let’s go! 5 quick thoughts to leave you with today!

1- Start with what I suggested just now and write down all the things you’re trying to juggle.

2- Ask yourself, is this reasonable or is it as impossible as my list I just shared with you?

3- I did a study a while back on Rest and all the greats from presidents to professional soccer players, movie stars, to the founder of the Huffington Post all even put sleep, times to eat, meditation (which for me is my devotion) work outs, etc all in their calendars. So find the best calendar for you that works or dry erase board on the fridge, your phone, whatever system works for you and put the most important stuff on it in addition to your appointments and mile long work tasks.

4- Now the part I have to work on most…do it! Don’t just do the work part and “see in your mind’s eye” these other things as luxury or self care I’ll get to one day. I think of the items from #3 are negotiable and that’s what gets me in trouble. Guess what, if you don’t take care of yourself, there will be no self to give to everyone else. So draw a line in the sand and do what you know to do and is best for you and everyone around you! Did I say that “out loud”? That last sentence was to myself and so if the shoe fits, wear it right with me!

5- Lose the guilt!

The guilt of – why can I not get all this done? If only I were better or more of a rockstar?!

The guilt of why have I wasted time on XYZ at the expense of ABC?!

The guilt of … fill in the blank.

You’re here now, in this season. And if you need a break, give it to yourself! If you need to adjust your calendar, slow your roll even for a week or month or quarter or year, just do it. And if you’re a friend of mine and know this is the case when I can’t seem to bring myself to practice what I’m preaching and know is true in this blog, I give your permission to copy and paste this to me lol If I get 5 or more of these copies back to me or screenshots from friends or DM’s, maybe even I will act on this for more Happy Mondays myself!!!!



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