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September 5, 2023

Time, slow down

Doesn’t it feel like time has sped up and oh if it could seriously slow down?

My son and daughter-in-love are here visiting from California and if I’ve ever wished for time to slow down, it’s now. We are soaking in all the family time we can. We are being ever present in each moment we have. And still, oh, if time could slow down.

Maybe you’re in a season that you wish time could speed up actually so you can get on through this challenging season. If that’s the case, just know you will get on the other side of this but even as you are toughing this out, I pray you are able to savour the sunny days you have now.

For the most part, as we zoom through our lives at break-neck speed, I pray you take moments to stop, slow down, and recognize that spending quality time with the people you love is the best part of life. I pray that when you get those rare moments or even if you’re one of few who get to have lots of time with those you love, that you take in each minute you have.

This weekend has been absolutely heavenly with our adult children and I hope you’ve had a great labor day weekend. We celebrated Crew Charles Cooley with close friends and family enjoying the most precious baby shower for them ever. We’ve had amazing convo, meals together, laughed, and just an absolute blast together. We went sailing today out in Mobile Bay and had a perfect day so that’s why I’m just getting to writing this and getting it posted. I woke up this morning early enough to write and get this out but time afforded for me to spend it with family instead and so I did. Grandparents came over for breakfast and then we hopped down to the river and off we went. Now we have less than 24 hours with our son, daughter-in-love and first grandson-to-be. And they just got back from dinner with friends so signing off to go and capture this rare, wonderful time with them.

Happy Monday!


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