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September 11, 2023

Happy Habits

Think about it for a minute. What are some of your main habits?

Hopefully some include brushing your teeth, showering, sleeping 6-8 hours, and from there where do they go? Hopefully not down-hill from there but for many of us, that’s the case. Let’s chat about habits a minute or 3…

What about other habits you know need to be just as essential and non-negotiable as the first two mentioned above? For me, next on the list are exercise and clean eating which would require more healthy habits of cooking and grocery store runs on more of a routine basis. Maybe you’ve got those habits down. If so, what would your next couple habits be that if you focused on them – just one or two of them – say for the next month, would bring you so much satisfaction and joy? OK, I just got real with you so you get real with me and DM on IG or email me what your two habits are that you plan to focus on developing to be just as essential in your mind as brushing your teeth and showering, or at least get room with yourself and write it down put them on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, set your alarm, put it in your calendar, and create those couple of habits that are pivotal for you, and would have a domino effect getting so many other things in line for a light that works for you!

And hey, no condemnation! We all have different things that are easy for us and hard for us. Maybe a habit for you, that you know God has been dealing with you about is to be in his word more and make your devotion in journaling and reading more of a priority. That has not always been a non-negotiable habit for me that I would’ve liked for you to have thought that it was until honestly about 10 or 12 years ago. If that’s one that you struggle with, try this. It is what helped me really form that habit. It’s now a part of my day I cannot stand ever missing out on, so therefore I rarely do. Pick a place in your home and call it your happy place. It can be a favorite chair in the living room, or in the guestroom by a window, a comfy spot on the back porch. It doesn’t matter but a place that you love. If you don’t have such a chair or comfy spot, create one. Find a favorite throw blanket, your Bible, and a devotional, and keep those things along with a journal and favorite pin that you enjoy riding with in a basket right beside that chair or on a side table. That’s where those things live so they’re always right at your fingertips. Next set your alarm for 20 minutes earlier than normal for when the house is quiet and all yours. Grab a cup of coffee or hot tea and enjoy your new habit. If you’re looking for a great devotional, I have three I would recommend lol at and actually Kevin’s new book would be even a better recommendation right now because you can get it on pre-order NOW on Amazon! Oh my goodness, it’s going to be like free therapy for you, well close to free compared to the cost of therapy!!!! Talk about a happy habit that would be amazing for you to incorporate to finish this year out strong and that would bring so much more increase to your life on every level!! That would be a great place to start.

Whatever you’re next to happy habits are that you need to form an order to take your life in the direction of you would like for it to go, I will be praying for you, and I ask you to pray for me as I develop the ones above I mentioned that are my next steps. Also, if you have Happy ANYWAY, take a quick glance over the last chapter, called Happy Habits just to get a pep back in your step as you begin to tackle some things, you know God is leading you toward!

Happy Monday!



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