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September 18, 2023

Happy Post-HG23 Monday!

Wanta BONUS of what God has continued speaking to me since conference and a quick RECAP incase you weren’t able to make it this year?


Ps. 23:5 – God prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies.

The problem is we think the problem is our enemy or the battle we are facing right now.

That’s not the problem at all. The real problem is that we don’t see the impermeable, invisible, forcefield of God’s PROTECTION all around us and His lavish PROVISION “inside the tent”. We had the cutest photo booth which was a clear tent with a beautiful table set with all kinds of yummies inside the tent INCLUDING CHOCOLATE representing His provision.

When we envision His presence filled with joy and us sitting right in the middle of all He has provided for us enjoying our joy that comes from Him {definition of “happy”) with all of the attacks and our enemies on the OUTSIDE of the impermeable, invisible barrier of God’s protection, we can walk through whatever it is we are up against with Godfidence! There was soooooo much more and if you want more, stay tuned to my social media in the coming weeks and I will get ya caught up on what ya missed or if you were there, it will be a great reminder to get this drilled into the depths of our soul so that when we are squeezed, FAITH is what comes out and not fear, depression, anxiety, anger, or frustration!!!


You may have seen this on social media but I posted something God spoke to me in the aftermath of conference and I hope He is still speaking to you. Well, I know He is. Be sure to be still and know that He is God and get yourself into position “in the tent” to hear Him. No doubt, He will continue to speak.

Here is what I heard Him say and I know it isn’t only for me but also for you….”It’s painful when people we love pull away. But God pours His love in and fills in the holes that are left from their absence. His love is more powerful than the pain. When reconciliation isn’t possible, joy still is. How? By living in His presence aware of His protection and provision, spirit, soul, and body.”

We don’t have to let the battles “out there” affect our atmosphere “in here”. It’s not irresponsible or heartless to enjoy your joy in the middle of whatever mess you find yourself in! It’s faithin’ it – not fakin’ it! It’s walking in all Jesus died on the cross for you to enjoy. Isaiah tells us the aggravation of our peace was upon Him so for us to walk in agitation or stress is to disregard the FINISHED work of the cross. Do we sometimes? Ummmmm, yea, I know I am guilty as charged but Thanks be to God who has acquitted my charges and is helping me to grow each day in my ability as I lean into His ability aka His grace to walk out my VICTORY in the presence of my enemies!!! He will help you, too, if you let Him!!! It’s our choice.

Let’s let Him help us!!!! Let’s laugh in the face of the enemy knowing all that pain He bore for us on the cross is on the outside of that protective force-field. And all that provision He died for us to enjoy – salvation on every front – spirit, soul, and body – is “inside the tent” where we are choosing to dwell with Him!


And, if you know any of the girls who helped tirelessly to make this conference happen, please DM them, jot them a note, or tell them in person if you are local or even in comments under my posts on social media how much you appreciate all they do. All they do allows me the time to even get these blogs out, books written, and conferences planned, online courses launched and coaching sessions designed and led. All of their faithful work and precious hearts help me do my part as they so graciously do their parts God has called them to do in serving you, our happy sisterhood! Let them know how grateful you are for them any time you think about it!!!

Happy Monday!



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