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August 2, 2023

Longing for Eutopia

Why do we all want to go to the Amalfi Coast, Iceland, Hawaii, or the Greek Isles? If you live in the southeast, maybe you’ve visited 30a. Why has 30a become so popular? Everyone is looking for peace that charming cobblestone streets, adorable ice cream shops, and beautiful white sandy beaches promise to provide.

As I think about how spun completely out of control people’s lives, emotions, and relationships are, it makes sense. Travel, go, escape…as far away from it all as possible. That’s great and I even recommend it. Travel is educational, fun, and refreshing. Let’s goooo! I’m so there.

But also, and, not instead of, please consider this. Simply ask yourself, “Is this obsession to ESCAPE” rooted in a spiritual issue? The external will never solve an internal problem. Yes, even God rested so by all means, rest and while you’re resting, if you have the budget, rest in the Swiss Alps or Santorini or on a cruise in the Caribbean if that floats your boat. What if you could learn to enjoy the mundane and the pace yourself with a healthy rhythm so that your days could be filled with joy week in and week out?

Wanta know how that could become reality? In my first book, Happy ANYWAY, skip to the good part if you must. The last chapter! It is full of Happy Habits that could very well, change everything for you like it did for me. I’m not promising sunshiny skies from here on out. Nor am I alluding to the thought of no more relational storms. Quite the contrary. Change is one thing you can count on. Swerves and curvy roads, seasons unfolding into brighter or gloomy days.

We are all typically only as happy as our least happy relationships but the reality is that our horizontal relationships (with others) will only rise to the level of our vertical relationship (with God). Next time you catch yourself longing to “get away”, check and see if the unsettled feeling is actually from a relationship that needs attention or nurturing. Next, ask yourself if the desire to escape is due to the legitimate need for rest to attend to your relationship with God or yourself. You will love others to the degree you love God and receive His love in order to properly love yourself.

Happy Monday on Wednesday! LOL YEP, it’s been that kinda week!



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