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August 7, 2023

The Big 3-0

Gotcha! Did you think I was turning 30? Shucks, thanks! LOL Okay, a girl can dream!

You may have guessed. Today, August 7th is our 30th Wedding Anniversary. So in honor of that, I wanted to share a few thoughts about marriage and healthy relationships. I in no way have it all figured out, but I can share what I’ve learned and know to work and what hasn’t worked.

Of course, this will be only a few main highlights because we are talking about thirty years!

…Never go to bed mad. Aged sadness becomes anger. Nothing good comes after that happens.

…Have fun together. Talk about your next fun vacay or night out. Plan things so you can have stuff to look forward to.

…Keep your heart turned toward each other. At the first notice of small irritations, fussyness, argumentativeness, beware: there is more to follow and you don’t want to go where this will take you unchecked.

…Keep eachother second after God and then the kids, then work, and everyone else from there. Prioritizing each other is huge.

…Trust is the cornerstone. Protect it or regain it fast. Without complete trust, you’re doomed for failure.

…Sex, have lots of it.

…Empathy, hugs, and nonsexual cuddles also imperative for closeness.

…Don’t take yourself too seriously. Yes, pray and be spiritual but all of life isn’t heavy. Sometimes just laugh!

…7/7/7 Take a day off and date every 7 days. Every 7 weeks, have a quick getaway or staycation and send kids to grandparents if ballin on a budget. Every 7 months, take a trip, even if to go see family for a long weekend and try for at least a week away each year. This kept the priority of REST important to our family creating space for us to be close.

…and #1 most important is follow hard after God. Obey His calling on your life. Live in your purpose. Never settle. Live by faith and send it! Go for it!

Happy Monday!



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