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April 15, 2024

What you tolerate you endorse

What you tolerate you endorse… Get used to answering questions with questions like, “Is that honoring up, down and all around?”

And if it is not, then statements, like, “There is no provision for that here.”

When someone in your family or organization does or says something that goes cross grain with your values or vision or pulls against instead of in sync with your mission, don’t even hesitate for a minute. Coach them up. It doesn’t have it be long and drawn out but, if your head tilts, there’s a reason.

The worst thing you can do is SMH & remain silent. When you do that, you are not only tolerating said atrocity or violation or dishonor but you are condoning, endorsing, and even promoting the strife or division or just plain dumb thing that was just done or said.

Use your voice to uphold honor. Honor up. Honor down. Honor all around. And if you hear even the slightest of shade thrown, speak up and have your leader’s back. Have your employee’s back. Have your friend or family’s back.

Honor is a lost art in this culture and it’s high time for Christians to help people know God by our love for one another like Scripture teaches instead of them just seeing our squabbling and drama. Save yo drama for yo Mama and replace the habit of complaining, being critical, and picking apart every little thing with honor, peace, and joyfully enjoying the people in your life. That will translate into a whole lot more honor, love, and happy and whole lot less drama, division, and endorsing bad behavior, ideals, and agendas.

Happy Monday!

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